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  1. Season Finale of Big Brother season 2!


  2. Don't miss today's stream at 5pm eastern time. We are on Season 2 of Big Brother - Sims style.
    Friday we'll be doing a Live Reaction to the Greatest Royal Rumble while playing 2k18.
    Sunday is our First ever PPV PMS (Pretty Mean Sistas) for our own Wrestling Universe. Fierce Women's Wrestling! - That will start at 5pm. 

    Starting in may this will be the schedule. 

    Hope to see you all there!


    May Schedule.png

  3. Mind Body and Soul discord is up!We have Physical, mental health, foodies and other spots to post.Not sure if you should join?Weightloss * Fitness* Bulking up* Weight gain* Yoga* Vegans* Meat Eaters* Healthy Cooking and recipes as well as a mental health section.Click the link and come on in and introduce yourself. https://discord.gg/X3yVrMf 

    1. Ragingblonde


      I also want to add there is a twitter to support streamers and retweets! http://twitter.com/outcastfitcafe

      Lets root for each other, & watch each other grow! (1).png

  4. Going live! More sims! <3 


  5. Live playing Kingdom Hearts! twitch.tv/ragingblonde

  6. Thanks for hanging out today! Remember if you find me off CGN and you come into chat, let me know <3


  7. Oh where oh where did our little Alice go?! Continuing our Journey in Kingdom Hearts right now!


  8. This is the first time @adultnature has been up for elimination, will the Wheel Gods be on his side? @Thunderguy07 second time for being up for elimination but as we saw in the double elimination doesn't always mean his streak has ended. Tune in right now to see who goes home, and who stays for the FINAL THREE! Big Brother starts now!



  9. Picking up an SNES Mini this afternoon, but before that a nice stream! Bearded Lady Special Edition of Stardew Valley. Bring your coffee!



  10. Work decided I wanted an extra day off, so here I am about to go live saving Alice in Wonderland. 



  11. Kingdom Hearts cherry is about to be popped. Join me and share the love



  12. BEARDED LADY! Grab your coffee! Positive Energy and tell me your resolutions! 

    LIVE NOW! twitch.tv/ragingblonde

  13. Big Brother the Final 4 challenge starts tonight! 9pm eastern time. Who will be the two up for elimination? 

    @Thunderguy07 @theadultnature @Scarem1 @BevTheBlonde



    The Final 4.jpg

  14. Total Claw Season Finale now!
    Two characters added...Will RB and Don move out on their own? Two new Claw Divas were added.

    Come stop by and see who twitch.tv/ragingblonde

    Total Claw.png

  15. Get your coffee! My vacation has started so good morning, lets get this stream going!

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