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  1. Bought Battlefront 2 for 9.99 ps store. Glad I waited. Kinda. 

  2. Throwing a shout-out to the ADMN Z for being a huge support to me and other members alike. 

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  3. Still haven't pre-ordered RDR2, maybe cause I'm not a pre-order kinda guy idk.  

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  4. Man, is it me, or are Sims4 controls just completely ridiculous ? Sitting here pulling my dam hair out with this. Lol

  5. Skyrims mods got boring, been great playing over again without them. 

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    2. zheck


      Glad you like it. Yeah, it has changed a lot.
      Feel free to message me sometime always glad to talk about what has changed

    3. zheck


      BTW, never change your Cover Photo.
      It's cool to remember the old PS Home

    4. RAGE


      Ok yeah, I'll message you about that. The progress and development of the site speaks for itself. .. ya that PsHome pic is a fav of mine ;) 

  6. Wishing things turned out differently.

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    1. zheck


      Welcome back :D 

  7. RAGE

    Anyone play Neverwinter?

    i would try this game, but i'm a little bummed about the direction good ole Jackster is taking DCUO in... but i really want to see how this mmo is, an how it compares.

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  9. RAGE

    Echidnachimera in The Hizzy

    welcome kristen !
  10. RAGE

    Kerr The Blurr

    like the intro, and welcome !!
  11. RAGE

    Hello World

    agreed, online gaming brings out the best in us all, and welcome to the community !!!!
  12. RAGE

    Im New

    Welcome !
  13. RAGE

    Hi! I'm new here :)

    hey andre, great to have you here
  14. RAGE

    What up my People!

    wow its nice to have you on board sir !