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  1. , SixColourz 863f4226dce18a2f09aa979c796c3e33

    Just had a great stream! Got to chill and play some BO4 while chatting with Club Six. Then we passed the love to @QueenMami0405 and @WinSTONE They are currently playing Overwatch and are thinking of switching to Friday The 13th if they get enough people. Go show them some love! 



  2. thank you!! 🙂 

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    1. QueenMami0405


      ❤️ you're welcome 

  3. , Ikacake 9d640d97c33b03b4a899c8298017e70f

    Good night!tenor (2).gif

  4. Ladies night with the one and only @SixColourz and @ProBLACK_WolF9 running some dead by daylight. Lets hope we can survive these games. Come through and have some fun with us.




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  5. Save the bear and toy soldiers getting it in on this rainbow 6 siege https://mixer.comm/queenmami0405

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  6. Thank you for that follow QueenMami0405! I am getting a little better with this platform!  I appreciate you and Six letting us know about it!

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  7. Tonight at 7pm EST we will be celebrating 2 of ClubRoyals very own birthdays @SixColourz and @ImHimDownStairz. Be sure to come through and party with us.




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  8. happy birthday my love 😍🎊

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    1. Legit_Dinosaur
    2. SixColourz


      thank you!

  9. The grind never stops back at it yet again on dead by daylight with the sissy @ProBLACK_WolF9

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  10. , Telepathy13G 6ab9b20b6de14a97abab8098f9700aa9

    It's Sunday so you guys know what that means it's stream team Sunday for ClubRoyal. Come stop by and show the members some love! @SixColourz @CuzinT @QueenMami0405 @ImHimDownStairz @ProBLACK_WolF9




  11. Good Morning everyone its Sunday and that means its stream team Sunday with Club Royal. Multiple costreams happening throughout the day starting with myself and @ProBLACK_WolF9 on now playing some dead by daylight @SixColourz

  12. Sparks and Embers R Us happening right now come through and show myself and @SixColourz some love at https://mixer.com/SixColourz

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  13. The Royal Court is live and we playing some apex  come by and chill https://mixer.com/queenmami0405

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  14. If you didn't know we out here yet again running some dead by daylight. Come through and enjoy the shenanigans we have going on here. https://mixer.com/queenmami0405

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