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  1. 12:30-12:45 will be continuing with more SOMA! "unda da sea! unda da sea! dahling it;s betta down where it's wettah take it from me! up on da shore they slave away!, out in the sun they waste away!... lol that song is stuck in my head from the little mermaid ever since i started playing this game xD

     its such a good game now that the slow drag beginning is done and i am figuring out what exactly is going on,  with help of my viewers which i encourage interaction!

    so this is a walk through stream! i will be reading walk throughs because it is tricky..  there is very little info and you have to use your "gasp" brain.  a bit more advanced type gameplay, you need to pay attention to figure things out, you need to recall things from the beginning  and they leave that entirely up to you! and i love that about this game.

     keeps your brain on the up and up.  its creepy, Desolate, gets you right in the morals and you start to feel for robots.. why? why would you feel bad for a robot?   well play the game & find out! you will not be disappointed. it truly is interesting game & environmentally on point!  :)

    hope to see you there! & if your feeling generous..  lemme get a dolla. lol holla!  jk had to say it.  lol  come visit. spam my chat with emotes and happy feels. but hopefully not in a stressful situation xD  then again its all gravy baby!  every situation is stressful in my world,  seeing familiar faces brighten it up!

    have fun and if your in a stream yourself i hope its a great one!  have a great night folks! gonna get my therapy on..."unda da seaaaa"



    PS! I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK!! IT IS ALIVE! I DID IT! it only took a month LOL been busy!! gaw ! its been so long since i have fixed computers i went pc stupid.  just in time too! i need to redo the laptop and someplace to put the files!

  2. Good afternoon my friends! 

    6pm I guess it's evening then! only been up for 3 hours. Takes me that long to wake up ha! No that's not good.  Couldn't sleep after falling asleep last night trying to get kids to bed, we need to work a schedule in this house! So I can work.

    Going broke faster than I can make $ so I need to busta! Hustle & hope for a miracle within the next two wks. That is if my air space allows me to do so. Would it be easier for everyone to take me seriously for what I'm trying to do here with my streaming if I was working in say another building and not in my own home?! ???

     Did manage to do one video edit from "the last of us/ left behind,.. end game.

    I lost footage and have no idea if I said this already. xD

    I'll have to post it in videos, look got it shortly. It's about 40 min. Worth it.

    ⚠ warning ⚠ it is a spoiler as it's end game in case someone has not played it yet. "Left behind" DLC that is. If you haven't you must! Can purchase stand alone in psn store 9.99$ *remastered digital and disc do include it* however stand alone DLC came out this year? Last year? In may, long after the first game release. Cgn store? Not sure! You'll have to look ;) 

    YouTube told me it's has copyrite material! Why!  I've never had problems until now.. maybe because I'm uploading a lot more, I think it was end game music, it's always the music!!. Can't make money on the video now lol not that I want to motinize my videos from YouTube at this point. They annoy me. & I'll get hosed I'm sure.

    But for now it's my video uploading place! So what can I do haha. As long as they allow me to keep my videos I'm fine. Not going to complain. Choose your battles! 

    Hope everyone has a great week. 

    Now about that partnership/sponsorship...


    K love you bye! 

  3. Thanks for the follow!! Have a great week!

    1. Ashvau


      Thank you as well... 

  4. Oi thanks for the follow! Got you back here, twitch, the tubes and the twitta, hope to see you soon! Skol!!

  5. thanks for the follow back :3

    1. QueenMalice


      :)   welcome to my crazy world

    2. WarSong


      oh same to you. careful tho mine might be a tad crazier way cringier and likely way more needlessly pervy :| jus truthin'

  6. i LOVE your icon/banner the panda thing is so cute lol 

    1. SixteenBitPanda


      Thank you so much, appreciate the follow!

  7. hello afternoon good evening morning pending location my fellow CGN peoples! how the heck are you today i hope your doing well.

    i am listening to the pouring rain!  it is floridas rainy season and i expect a heavy active hurricane season the way the temps are ( hope not i have wind issues) 

    washing machine broke down.  on sunday. murphys law! how can i tell the father of the house who is a plumber/construction worker happy fathers day btw we need you to fix the washing machine at 6 pm ? lol we slept all day. so i will do them by hand. not the first time. their half washed they need a good rinse and  its raining petty dern hard lol  ghetto fabulous i say!.  no but it sucks..  at least its just small stuff no jeans and  towels etc. cuz thats not easy.  

    blah blah so happy fathers day to everyone here!

    finally got to stream last night! very happy i stuck with SOMA becuase that game is amazing it really is and if you dont stick with it, you will not get into it at all, it makes you think and the plot THICKENS! now i know whats up, many lurkers it was a walkthrough stream, meaning of course my usual spoil streams i have. my viewers always interact helping me a long if i get stuck, or in one spot struggling , you better speak up! i had one lurker who just came out of nowhere who was there a long time tell me something very critical to the story i missed.  this is why i like my lurkers! they pay attention!.  2 others had me laughing with puns all morning long and some very scary moments lol i carried a skull named it wilson and yelled at the monster I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOUUUU finally got through the rough part LOL.

     eventually pulled out the walk through on the phone and read it and we proceeded with that with good success i think,  with ppl coming in friendly faces you guys here, or from twitter etc,  THANK YOU always light my night/morning whenever time it is when i see you pop in my stream.  thank you for the bitties when you bring them tho just being there makes me happy.   loooove youuuuuuuu <3

    now i have an issue with my payout and i don't know what will happen to the ppls money if i cant get the payout of the affiliation with twitch. since my name change. i have to redo the tax forms. also because i have a bank account now i have a payout option.  it tells me EVERYTHING IS WRONG! incorrect, you do not pass go you do not collect 200$  (or in twitch case 100$)  why?  my name my address everything doesnt match.  im only updating my payout method but i have to update everything including my name and social and its not the same as it was before. 

    so i added some command changes about the bits to give ppl the option if they want to donate 1.40$ for a certain amount of bits just go to my paypal i have through streamlabs instead because if i cant fix it.. where will your money go??? yanno? i will need to call twitch support on this matter because if this is something i cannot fix then i cant accept bits i will not.  i don't want anyone getting their money ate up! so until i fix that (anyone here who does throw me bits, please just either stream lab it or spam my chat with funny emotes :)  its free lol )  i just dont want you wasting your money (tho stream*cough*labs*cough* would be cool too ;)    help me keep the net alive and gather my tattoo stuff to do live tattooing and better pc upgrades etc i have surprises in store!!!!  but cant do it without my fans just throwing it out there haha


    anyway i have talked ENOUGH!  get SOMA! play it! it is incredible game. i will be doing 3 games this week.  soma. amniesia and will start PREY! possibly tonight. i am dying to get on that game after reading some stuff in this issues game informer.  seen videos but the reading what i read i was like yeah imma play that soon like soon man..   all great games. ALL THE games and no time lol

    also the killing floor 2 is awesome @int0xicatedddd and i played that with a buddy and had a great time (new streamer) follow him his twitch is  that name haha..  been friends like 10 years.  and some mom son gaming coming with payday 2 as well.. so lots in store as soon as im back on my feet. i have had a lot of issues these past couple weeks mostly the past week and narcolepsy and extremely swollen feet.. not easy getting things done and keeping up with all the things and ppl so forgive me those of you who are actually STILL reading this very long ass book lol.

    gotta get it out now while i can because i dont know when i'll be able to post again.  its a moment of oportunity i don't get very often (peace and quiet lol)


    on that note!   tootles and have a good day and (derek you still coming by tomorrow? lemme know what time in case i gotta wake up lol ) saturday was a bogus thing sleeping like that triston shushed the dogs. next time like i said drive up to my bedroom window and honk the horn lmao :)




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    2. QueenMalice


      yeah if you want we can do that.  not sure how tonight will go i dont think will stream tonight but if i do i seem to do better waking up after 3-4 hour nap than going to bed at normal ppl hours lol.  feel a little more normal and back on track tho.  but bring it why not!   we can kick it. hopefully the birds wont go apeshit. you can use my studio and i'll use my room to deafen the noises lol 

    3. int0xicatedddd


      We are about to jump into a match Offbeat. If you want to join. More the merrier. My PSN is int0xicatedddd

    4. QueenMalice


      @offbeatslang yeah i love it lol we played a bit yesterday and i continued alone solo and tutorials and such on my own to get the hang of it as i was just thrown into the basket of bloody hell  lol it was great fun.  ESO soon..  was going to say tomorrow but i got my boy derek coming by, need his help n shiznit with some things.   was watching your VODCAST with the mental health stream. . tuned in at the right time.. good stuff thank you :)

  8. there he is!..   @offbeatslang @big_crazy_ape @kattatonia @bydus it wont let me tag more ppl!  ok guys follow this dood!  hes awesome, friends for like 10 years. and he gon be a daddy!!! wish him luck lol  lets see if we can get him in tho that stream train!  i think you would have a good stream going on derek once you figure out the ins and outs!.  tellin ya! stay home daddy make dat money on those games you play haha. nah but there are so many awesome ppl here.  met the coolest folks here..  left facebook for cgn lol no drama, no bs , no repetitive stuff..  you'll like it

  9. fer realsies! i thought we were following each other here!!  maybe were so all over the place i just cant keep up lol 

    1. Patrix_Raider


      no worries. im new here lol


  10. thanks for the follow!

  11. Thank you got the follow! 

    I want your dog. xD

    I have a pug, he eats with infinite hunger.. sheds his weight in fur, barks when your LEAVING not entering.. Something about fresh laundry is appropriate bedding, refuses certain foods but if you try to take it away he'll attempt a hand assassination. Lol wanna trade? Unless yours is just as crazy. 

  12. some guy laughed at one of my tweets about my son and his fidget spinner and the use of a gif with robert downy jr (downy?) idk lol so i checked out this guys page actually he has some pretty good stuff. 

    some things i didnt know about this back up files in online storage (not drop box or one drive) wish i knew this before i got stuck with keyboard layout and frozen nothingness

    omg where is the option to use a USB bootable disc in my BIOS! HELP! it does recognize it has 4 or 5 USB ports telling me what is plugged into what yet i cant add it to my boot sequence! i have HDD, floppy not installed (prolly cuz there are no floppys anymore!) lol its an HP compaq presario windows 10 had it since it rolled out and NOW it restarted a bit back and i cant do anything i have files i refuse to lose its all i have left after an ext hdd crash, can be recovered but it'll cost me a good amount of money i don't have so i will hang on to it with hope. 

    anyway if anyone knows HOW to get that USB thing working let me know because i cant make a boot disc with my windows surface pro 2 ahhhh why

    what was i going on about.... oh yeah.. this guy on twitter https://twitter.com/PC_In_Review

    he posted this on his feed..   


    some life hacks

     oh and the Gif?   pretty much todays mood lol


  13. ear worm!!!!  omg what is with these ear worms lately. maybe my mood? idk..  been in a funk lately, lots of stress i can't escape. pressure and pushing myself too hard.  i need to stream or imma scream.  day time streaming? ehhhh  its a gamble!!  I started doing some IRL youtube videos and kinda going with it.. i like it.. now to do it without the phone LOL unless im on the move i need to see about using my pc to record, & i was reading on youtube you can colab with others, im curious!  if your curious,  my playlist "real life n shyte" i would not mind colab with others in this playlist so if your interested... tell me what it is  lol and i'll shoot you a link. maybe we can do one of those back and forth conversation bits that would be fun. like were on the phone having a conversation or some shit idk lol if you understand then cool..  i just got an idea with that typing it out so.. idk.. i want to do something different and fun. 

    my ear worms! take them! i don't need em!!


     yesterday it was 

    hot funk, cool punk, even if it's old junk it's still rock and roll to me" B)

    today its..

    also imma share this with you guys, extract the mp4 from the video to make a playlist for your car. it is really easy and really quick and nooo its not promoting piracy! 



    you'll need to allow pop ups in order for it to download the mp3 onto your computer. its just a blank window. it'll close after its done or you'll have to close it manually i forget. i think its time for a new music playlist for the jeepyjeep if i ever leave the house lol 

    its just a groovy thing, plus you can use the mp3's from your fav songs to clip with "free MP3 cutter" which i have used for years. super easy to make alert sounds for your pc, your stream/twitch alerts and such. highly recommend!

    trusted link source i dont download from anywhere i don't trust.  

    cnet.com- Free MP3 Cutter 



    alright cats and puppykins..  off to do something.  i should stream, i might stream.. my kid took my fidget spinner because mine spins faster smh..  autism ftw 

    Image result for autism ftw

    1. QueenMalice


      extract MP3 not mp4 sorry typo lol thinking videos not audios,

  14. thank ya for the follow dear! hope you enjoy your stay here in CGN, you'll like it :)

    1. FallenBr0thers


      Thank you as well and your welcome

  15. Qestion for my fellow twitch Streamers!

    In here my follow are 397 ..

    Lost 5 followers in the last couple days.

    Where are the reasons you think someone or more than one would drop like flies in a short time frame?

    Lack of streaming?

    Not interested after all

    Salty ppl on that no follow for follow

    (I will to a degree f4f but I like to earn my own badge and everyone should. Support is great but it can't hold you up if it's empty support)

    Or other? Trolls etc..

    Mind you I do my best to ignore tolls, I don't feed the fire, I like to think I'm very personable, so what happened ?

    I'm curious of you thoughts and ideas. For yourselves or others or just best guesses. 


    I want my big four oh oh with black balloons!!! Itll be a celebration stream xD

    5am one YouTube upload & I guess I'll go to bed. Kinda don't wanna. Waking up sucks, I have so much work to do so I CAN start streaming more often! 

    1. cheese2life


      yeah follow 4 follow is 1 reason people want follows and looks bad when u follow more people than u have followers so do a mass purge now and then so its pretty much always an em,pty follow . dont do it myself for that reason . 

      giveaways also . get someone following under 5-25 accounts just to win things then unfollow 

      also at mile stones like 100 200 ect get people thinking there helping making fake accounts . people forget twitch clear out now and then unconfirmed accounts ect  

      these are all maybe reasons it happens aswell as a couple u mentioned like trolls ect

      just my opinion on it 

    2. ReAnimateHer


      I lose followers every day but then gain as well. I think sometimes most of those unfollows are other streamers hoping you will follow back. I have yet to have a Viewer unfollow me. I personally do not believe the F4F unless those F4F will actually view your stream and promote what you are doing.

      I myself would rather have viewers over followers as it is the viewers that keep your stream together. I never allow a unfollow bother me as most likely that person will never step foot in my stream. 


    3. QueenMalice


      @cheese2life agreed.  and makes sense i forgot about those fake accts etc..  doesnt really bother me honestly like @ReAnimateHer says,i totally would rather have loyal viewers who come back over a number..  only reason i want the 400.. is OCD off number i have LOL 

      but i am curious about how ppl feel/think etc so figured i'd post. and see what others say.

      i don't like the follow for follow.  and a certain team pushes this as if its a requirement for support. with so many streamers and favorites it is hard to keep up and visit when you have a lot on your plate. i do my best tho. sometimes i'll do a random host of someone i follow, who might be playing something i havent heard of before.. it's like a nice little surprise and it lights up their day. 

      I follow less than who follow me, only because i don't want to be an empty follower or not be able to show support to someone who might be expecting me to follow back etc. i don't keep score, i entertain.. i have a lot of amazing returning regs and its great. but its also nice to see those numbers climb hehe and i certainly notice who comes back thats for sure. 

      giveaways.?  not really. i've done a couple for appreciation. sometimes it'll be a game, or some random fun thing for fun but not for follows. now if i was trying to market something then i'll pull the click bait out of my pocket haha.  

      but the biggest thing is i havent been seeing some of my usual regulars lately. i miss them :( however again there are a LOT of streamers and they can't spend their life with me i get it lol  but i also haven't been streaming as much due to some issues and difficult to make consistent schedules,

      i'll say imma stream and then i cant or wont or dont.. for whatever reason it may be. im awfully fashionably late.. life has me by the bullies it does lol its frustrating and i don't want to think that they drop because of my lack of streaming..  im trying and it can feel discouraging at times.

       however i am happy i am this far. i have amazing viewers, i have amazing ppl who come and bring me a first time raid ( @big_crazy_ape , @bydus @kattatonia etc LOOOOVE YOUUUU)  which was the most awesome thing and THAT right there is the true support and awesomeness in this whole gig all together.   (thanks again guys) 

      and those who respond  ty for your input. ! don't stop here tho!.  still curious. not just for me personally but its more of a poll question as well. :)

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