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  1. Play paladins this afternoon pop by for the chill vibes and some laughs!


  2. Big thanks to tkgaming213 too for the follow on twitch!

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  3. Big thanks for the follow SixColourz!

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  4. Brawling this morning at 

     stop by for some laughs and a good time!

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  5. Live playing some brawlhalla come watch me get my butt kicked! 

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  6. Appreciate the follow nickbg7n big thanks!

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  7. Thank you for the follow @Nikolas_Pollard ! Much appreciated! 😄

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  8. this mornings stream was popping! Big thanks for all who tuned in and I really appreciate the new follows, julioonly02, addham360, rtr0tortilla, iTachixx230, ugleburbiexl, ErkomeNN, jaydenjd2 and f0wler! Much much much thanks 🙏

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  9. , madzell b0fe84c292779a20296686e0dc3fb4db

    Stream on!!! Tired. Lets slay some monsters. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition My Twitch 


  10. Switching things up live right now with some brawlhalla then switching over to war face later on! I greatly appreciate everyone who tunes in!


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  11. live right now at twitch.tv/pwnomatic3000 pop by for some apex season 1 gameplay, stick around for some laughs!

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  12. Big thanks for the follow's E1visFreshly, QueenMami0405 and DaVilles_F1nest!!

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  13. Been going in, 4 dubs so far off stream!! going live now at twitch.tv/pwnomatic3000 

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  14. , CGN e80bc838c68bfff9fae3aa3cf1a45d65

    The CGN Podcast starts in exactly 30 minutes!
    With Special Guest @RizeUpGaming 




  15. Big thanks for the follow Kristi417! 😁

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