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  1. Continue of Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition playthrough LIVE now ;)

  2. Gonna continue the playthrough of #Darksiders2 on enjoy  ;)

  3. LIVE now with some #Darksiders2 let the fails be with me , like in the first ;)

  4. Allright let the fun o fun begin with more #darksiders ;)  live now

  5. Going live, continue the story of #darksiders enjoy the fails ;)

  6. bam_cake

    Greetings im BamCake, ya can call me Bammy or Andre. To keep it simple i play varity kind of games as Multiplayer or Singleplayer. And entertain u with my some awesome fail moves ;)
  7. Stream up , continue of the #darksiders story ;)

  8. Which RPG should we start first off on next RPG day ;)? #CGN #supportsmallstreams

  9. The Cake returns 2017 good to stream again, time for some lvl/ farm grind on warframe #CGN

  10. Back in action ;) and live, lets get these halloween lootboxes in overwatch  o7

  11. Good Sunday everyone, hope its not so warm for ya ;) No streamo today, so see ya on Monday :D

    1. AngryKatte


      Hope you have a fun day, see you Monday :D

  12. You've cast it here we go #NoMansSky live in 5 on  enjoy ya stay ;)

  13. Lets continue to explore some more in #NoMansSky on  enjoy the chillzone ;)

  14. Good Monday every1 , live with more #NoMansSky lets continue exploring and so

  15. time for some streamo ;) live now

  16. Hello friends of Gaming Im BamCake and found CGN by accident through a friend, and its the best that could have happned Looking forward to check out more of the Site and all the other Gamers out there.Im a gamer since i played with my friend on Atari and got more involved when i began to play Super Mario Bros on NES. Some info to me, 28 year old Gamer from Germany and livestreaming on Twitch since the begin of the Open Beta from the game "Warframe". Greetings o7 from my Beard and me Hope u had all a wonderful New year
  17. Thank you everybody