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  1. RT @TERAonline: There will be a brief one hour #TERA server maintenance at noon today to address recent stability issues:…

  2. RT @TwitchSupport: We are investigating issues loading the website. We'll tweet when we're back :) ^AC

  3. Good night my lovelies!Sweet dreams!More of my #fallout fail tomorrow morning at 10am EST 30 of !6month

  4. Not sure I will be able to play #Fallout this morning! The #HR #Patch keeps crashing the game for me =/

  5. Well apparently me saying my opinion about things I do not like in a game, can offend people so much that they leave, unfriend, unfollow o.O

  6. #Twitch #Streaming #Challenge

    Everyday for the next 6 months!

    Thank you for all your support & love!

    RT As You Wish!

  7. Sorry guys seems that we are experiencing some Internet problem in the area o.O Trying to figure it out with my provider @TekSavvyNetwork

  8. RT @TERAonline: Reminder: Inactive #TERA​ names will be released after tomorrow's 2 hour maintenance!…

  9. [email protected] Any reason's why I have not received an email yet with 2 CBT invite for friends/family? I am a God Founder's member? thanks

  10. [email protected] One of my followers keep having error 500? Through steam any idea how to fix this?

  11. [EN/FR] [18+] The Witcher 1 - Chapter 3 ✿ Official Partner of GMG !gmg ✿ !potions ✿ Road to 500 Followers ✿:

  12. RT @NeoSpawn: Watch @_angelofgrace_ woop Witcher butts in The Witcher on Twitch!

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