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Everything posted by DraxTV

  1. LIVE now on DraxTV ringing in New Years Eve in STYLE! I may not be a Ninja but this stream is GOLDEN! Playing some Jackbox Party 4 with Viewers!



  2. LIVE now on DraxTV! Running a split stream this afternoon with the first half being some NHL19 then switching over to a new Crowd Favorite... Choice Chamber!


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  3. LIVE now on Drax TV! Swinging through with the 1st DLC in Spiderman on PS4, let's catch us a black cat! Also no cam today as I have no hot water and look like poop from the 24 hour stream yesterday LuL


  4. LIVE now and for the next 24 HOURS STRAIGHT! As we're playing games and raising money for SickKids Hospital here in Toronto! Come hang out and win some awesome prizes!



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  5. LIVE now on DraxTV! It's Thursday which means its TERA time! Working my way through more of this awesome MMORPG on PS4, come hang out!


  6. LIVE now! Jumping into some Black Ops 4, time to say hello to all the lovely Christmas Noobs! (I'll try to be gentle muhahahaha) Also tomorrow night I start my 24 Hour Stream for Charity!!


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    1. DraxTV


      All my 24 Hour Charity stream info can be found in the graphic below! 12 Different Games with 12 Different prizes to give away! Be sure to tune in starting at 8pm EST tomorrow night!


  7. LIVE now on DraxTV! Got NHL19 for Christmas from my awesome grandparents! Hitting the ice at FULL stride lessgo!



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  8. LIVE now on DraxTV! Sadly don't own any boxing games for Boxing Day but come watch me knock everyone else out in Realm Royale! xD 



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  9. LIVE now on DraxTV! Back at it tonight with some Call of Duty Black Ops 4, starting with some MP Camo hunting then attempting some Easter Eggs later with my friend R34per!


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  10. Live now on DraxTV! Still no heat or hot water but we out here Smashing our way through the day with some Super Smash Brothers Ultimate!


  11. LIVE now on DraxTV! It's Fri-Yay night which means it's time for some games and some drinks! Sipping on some Tequila while blasting away all the aliens in Destiny 2, come hang out!



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  12. LIVE now on DraxTV! Hopping into some of that Fortnite madness, checking out the new updates and finishing off some challenges, come on by!


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  13. Surprise! I'm back from work and LIVE with some Hot and Tasty Realm Royal action on PS4! Loving this game WAY more on console, let's get some W's tonight!



  14. LIVE now on DraxTV! It's time for some more #TERA Tuesday, doing a Dual Stream with my good buddy Reaper! Come stop by and check out this awesome MMO on PS4!



  15. LIVE now on DraxTV! Back at it again with some Realm Royale action on PS4?!? Whaaaat?? Loving it way more then on PC come watch some wins! 😎


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  16. LIVE now and it's definitely a Monday as we're feeling ALL THE M's! Starting off with some MapleStory2 before bringing the night to a close with MarblesOnStream come hang out!



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  17. LIVE now on DraxTV! It's a Super Smash Brothers kind of Afternoon as we work through more World of Light stuff as well as some online battles today!


  18. LIVE now on DraxTV! It's time for another edition of #SpidermanSunday! Will we finish the main campaign tonight? Only one way to find out! COME SWING THRUUUU



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  19. LIVE now with some Viewers Choice gameplay! Stream was split on 2 different games so we've got 2 hours of Rocket League followed by 2 more on Realm Royale on PS4! Should be.... fun? 



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  20. LIVE now, trying out the new "Operation Zero" update in Black Ops 4, new Multiplayer stuff AND a new zombies map?!?! Let's GO!


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  21. LIVE now with some Ultimate Smash Bros! Going to be a Smashingly good afternoon, come hang out!


  22. LIVE now with some Friday Fortnite! Was all excited to try out the Infinity Blade but... woops she GONE :'( However will Drax get a win now?!?!




  23. LIVE now with some hot Destiny 2 action!! Gotta get this Guardian up to some respectable light levels... less gooooo


  24. LIVE now with another edition of DraxTV! Had some PC issues yesterday but I think we're all back and sorted out now! Come hang out for another night of TERA Thursday!



  25. LIVE now on DraxTV and it's a Tequila n Tunes kinda night! Hosted by the one, the only.... PIKA ROCK CHUUUUU



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