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Everything posted by DraxTV

  1. LIVE now with some hot Destiny 2 action!! Gotta get this Guardian up to some respectable light levels... less gooooo


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  2. LIVE now with another edition of DraxTV! Had some PC issues yesterday but I think we're all back and sorted out now! Come hang out for another night of TERA Thursday!



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  3. LIVE now on DraxTV and it's a Tequila n Tunes kinda night! Hosted by the one, the only.... PIKA ROCK CHUUUUU



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  4. LIVE now on DraxTV! Finally broke down and picked up SUPER SMASH BROTHERS ULLLLLLTIMATE!!! This game is massive, the unlock grind begins now! #GottaSmashEmAll


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  5. LIVE now on DraxTV! Time for some Mid-Afternoon Marble Racing MADNESSSSSS! Got some new skins picked out for you guys to choose, come roll on by!


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  6. LIVE now on DraxTV! Here for another edition of Spiderman Sunday, swing on through!!!



  7. LIVE now on #DraxTV! One of those mornings I just couldn't wake up so better late then never! #CaptainCanada is fighting the forces of evil... and stuff... in Spiderman on PS4!



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  8. DraxTV is LIVE once again! Back home, playing some Destiny 2 tonight while rocking all my Ministry of Game SWAG! Don't forget they open their doors tomorrow at NOON with a big celebration come on down I'll be there around 6pm ish! For now though, WE GAME!



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  9. LIVE now ON LOCATION! With a Special Sneak Peak of a brand new eSports Facility in Toronto Ontario!! Called Ministry of Game and they have EVERYTHING here, so of course we're playing Smash Brothers ULTIMATE let's goooooo



  10. LIVE now with some TERA action for #TeraThursday! Also bringing a friend along tonight, Dual Streaming with R34CP3RM as I attempt to power level him to my level muhahah! 😈



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  11. LIVE now on DraxTV!! Feeling... Mostly?... better... At least well enough to stream so let's jump back in and try out some brand new stuff in Destiny 2! Much Excitement xD 



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  12. LIVE now on DraxTV! Sick and all that don't matter as it's the LAST night for Season 6 on Fortnite and I have 6 more tiers to clear.... can we do it?!?! 🤞🤞


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  13. LIVE now trying out Maple Story 2 on Stream for some #MapleStoryMonday action! If it doesn't work or later on we'll be running some MARBLES ON STREAM #HYPE 


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  14. LIVE now on DraxTV with some more #SpideySunday! Loving this game so far, can't believe how good it is all the way around, almost don't want it to end! <3 




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  15. LIVE once again! Tonight we dine on Zombie Blood as I attempt to do some Easter Egg runs in Black Ops 4! Starting off with the IX Map then possibly either Voyage of the Dead or Blood of the Dead! Come watch me die... a lot -_- 



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  16. LIVE now! Swingin through like Spidermannnnnn, webbing my way ever closer to that 100%! Come hang out for a chill Saturday Afternoon Stream! #SAS



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  17. LIVE now with some #FridayFortnite action!!! Warming up with some Solos as we grind towards tier 100, then opening it up to some Accented Random Squad matches for the LuLs! xD 



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  18. LIVE once again! It's #TERA Thursday! Working may way through more levels in this super fun MMO on Console, come hang out and see what it's all about!



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  19. LIVE now on DraxTV! Back on that Fortnite Grind (Who planned this schedule anyway.... oh yeah it was me FacePalm) inching ever closer to Tier 100!



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  20. LIVE once again, this time jumping on the Battle Bus as we try and finish off more tiers and challenges for Season 6! Think we're up to around 70 so far now?? Come on through!



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  21. LIVE now with some Afternoon Delight! Playing Call of Duty BO4 and going Camo Hunting as well as trying to FINALLY prestige!! Lesssgoooo


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  22. LIVE once again and this time it's #TequilaNTunes Tuesday Time! Playing Guitar Hero LIVE and taking requests as the one and only #PikaRockCHU 🤘


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  23. LIVE now for Day 1 of going FULL TIME on Twitch! Got a month to test this out, let's get this bread! Playing some Fortnite this afternoon working on that Battle Pass, come on through!


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  24. LIVE now and we're getting all Marbleous up in here! Running some Marbles on Stream for the night with Mr Movie Voice casting all the action! Get your butts in here xD 



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  25. LIVE now for another edition of SpideySunday! Swingin and Wingin our way through Spiderman on PS4! Almost halfway through the campaign ish? Can't wait for moreeeee!



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