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Everything posted by Shadowfangs



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  2. Played Soma for a bit, shit scared outta me....

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  3. How do you deal with greifers in your streams? People that come in and like to make sarcastic comments and are at times rude. 

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    1. zheck


      Play with them, get sarcastic back and say funny shit.
      Griefers are nothing but normal people like you and me.
      They just happen to be sarcastic, you might even find they can become good friends.
      So be nice, play around with them a bit, and see how it goes. Or don't, you can always just ban them.

  4. Hey guys I'm back sorta I renamed this Shadowfang due to me getting with my bf, future hubby. We will be streaming a lot together since we already have a few times. We will be streaming a many games in the upcoming future. If you have any questions feel free to ask me or Ben on here :).

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  5. To all my new followers thanks! Ill be doing more runs of untill dawn later today!

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  6. Streamed a bit of until dawn ... yeah that shits scary lol

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  7. oldar photo, he will be back on the 15th FIVE DAYS !


  8. Thanks for following :D

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  9. So why do I play final fantasy 14 and not wow or others MMOS? 

    Simple, wow is a bunch of jerks, and you have to create alts to do a bunch of stuff.

    In final fantasy I can play on console, I can have all crafting gathering and skills on one character. The graphics are nice and the community is decent. Mounts are easy to obtain for the work you put in. Yes you do have an occasional drama or elitist. But its pretty mush friendly. You can get married, you can have a house. So people have asked me why not play ESO? Eso I played for about a year and saw alot of things i didnt like. Im not going into a list of things cause i dont want to be viewed as a *****y person. But I feel that the system of crafting and selling is broken. You ahve to find a guild and on top of that give them money every week. Just so you can have a vender and its not gurenteed you get to keep that vender becasue someone can out buy it.

    I have been thinking about a lot of things as of late. Yes Im still going to do a video blog of final fantasy eventually. Im waiting for the drama to cool down that has an FC all tied up in a bunch at me for petty reasons. Im waiting for a friend to come back to do what he needs to do and then we will go from there. Till then guys happy gaming!

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  10. minecraft, pizza and carona best threesome ever!

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  11. Things are going well in Final fantasy 14. I still have yet to get one of the new primal mounts. But trying to clear story line first. I hope you lovly gamers are well..


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  12. I hope you are all well my fellow gaming friends. 


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  13. So i have been talking to my ig partner, we are going to to duel stream Final Fantasy 14 starting possibly next month starting form the ground up. He and I will stream on a different server with an FC that will allow us to stream and promote them. Please stay tuned for more updates as there will be over the upcoming weeks. 


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  14. besties!


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  15. streaming skyrim atm if you wanna watch feel free its on youtube! 

  16. So I have been busy as of late, streaming off n on. Its like a daily thing I need to get back into. :) 

    I hope you all are doing well! I have been playing final fantasy 14 in to get ready for the new expansion, Storm Blood. There are high hopes this will be a good one! Ill keep you all posted and updated! there will be screen shots, i have lots to share. my charater got married to my in game friend! video on my youtube page!

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    1. zheck


      Awesome, glad you are enjoying the game.

  17. everyday we go through life

    we make bad and good decisions

    I have made my share of mistakes, mistakes people hold against me 

    could be social or in game related, it doesnt matter

    i have learned to let things go and even let people go due to misunderstandings that people think cannot ever get cleared up

    if you lose a friend or a small group of friends due to misunderstandings were they worth having in the first place?

    i have a small group of friends that no matter what we are always learning, we get into petty arguments but at the end of the day we are still friends even after misunderstandings 

  18. your opinion is needed! 

    If i get back to drawing should I stream it? 

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  19. sick no voice sorry

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    1. UnseenProof


      No Worries Get Better. violet maybe ill join you soon on BF1

  20. Coughing, nose is getting stuffy, not feeling so great :(

    1. zheck


      Get better soon @violetflame1980

    2. Ikacake


      Feel better =) 

  21. Approval from others is meaningless if you're not proud of yourself. Do what makes you happy and then share that happiness with the world.  - Markiplier

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  22. Set up my page on youtube so it have CGN info on it! I willz bring in daz peoples! 

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  23. Just starting out making videos, always can use pointers! like how to make music videos and the such. 

  24. I started out as an Elvin, bard to be exact. Then i was like naaaaaah I wanna be a micote <human-cat person>. Started out as bard then  when i hit 50 I branched out a little grabbing ninja and lancer. When 3.0 came out got my ninja to 60, my bard and then worked on healing. Nice thing about final fantasy you can have all your jobs and classes on one character! So i also have crafting and gatherers up. In gathering there is mining, botiney, fishing. If youre interested in joining send me a message and I can help you get started! :)  

    Been playing Skyrim and loving the graphics. And since im a relaxed player I love to take my time with the game. 

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    1. rover8680


      played Skyrim for the first time last weekend.  pretty sweet game.  ill be getting it once it goes on sale for sure.

    2. speedache


      I played a lot of Neverwinter , Witcher 3 on PS4 and I was thinking to start a new series by playing Skyrim  which is a brand new game for me .Curently playing Overwatch moving in the future to play even more on the competitive side since COD Infinite Warfare is a dead game for me :p Any advice regarding Skyrim ? Is it well worth playing it ? Thanks !