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Everything posted by PurpleHerb

  1. www.twitch.tv/purpleherb

    It's the finale of Life is Strange!

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  2. www.twitch.tv/purpleherb - LIVE now with Haze playing Life is Strange, come join her in the Dark Room!

  3. We are streamers from North West UK, lovers of trash TV, Rum and Heavy Metal!
  4. Going live with Sea of Thieves come say hi (or YARRRRRRR)

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  5. Life is Strange episode 3 is now live! Stop by and say hi

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  6. Haze is streaming Life is Strange come say hi!

  7. Live again with Life is Strange!

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  8. We are going live hosting the MK 11 reveal, come chat!

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  9. We are going live with Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Come say hi to Haze, she gets lonely!

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  10. www.twitch.tv/purpleherb - Haze is live now playing life is strange: before the storm. Come and bug her!

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