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Everything posted by PurpleHerb

  1. live with gang beasts come say hi!!!! www.twitch.tv/purpleherb

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  2. We are streamers from North West UK, lovers of trash TV, Rum and Heavy Metal!
  3. Funkify your Friday with Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove! www.twitch.tv/purpleherb

  4. www.twitch.tv/purpleherb - live now with Batman Arkham Asylum!

  5. https://www.twitch.tv/purpleherb - live with Batman Arkham Asylum, any bat fans feel free to drop by and say hi!

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  6. live now is Haze with Disneyland Adventures! Come say hi in the chat to her - www.twitch.tv/purpleherb

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  7. www.twitch.tv/purpleherb

    It's the finale of Life is Strange!

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  8. www.twitch.tv/purpleherb - LIVE now with Haze playing Life is Strange, come join her in the Dark Room!

  9. Going live with Sea of Thieves come say hi (or YARRRRRRR)

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  10. Life is Strange episode 3 is now live! Stop by and say hi

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  11. Haze is streaming Life is Strange come say hi!

  12. Live again with Life is Strange!

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  13. We are going live hosting the MK 11 reveal, come chat!

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  14. We are going live with Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Come say hi to Haze, she gets lonely!

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  15. www.twitch.tv/purpleherb - Haze is live now playing life is strange: before the storm. Come and bug her!

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