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  1. youtube.com/watch?v=hsRcFG2655c … new video up on youtube, you know what to do. Go watch!!!!!!!! btw if you guys didn't know I'll be working with @LGhostrecon to bring you guys new content and even more content #CGN 

  2. these last 24 hours has been amazing i dropped my most well received video on youtube and i've been gaing follower/subscriber on youtube, twitter and mixer. This is what drives me as a content creater the feedback from the viewers and other creaters thanks so mcuh 

    I also got help from CGN and the video reeched even more people again thank you guys so much this really mean much and keep in mind i'll be dropping more top 10 about mixer and you might just make it if you didn't make it on my first one

  3. tomorrow I'm going to drop a video on youtube of best underrated mixer streams so I'm going to spend this night watching some new mixer streamers 

  4. live right now on mixer.com/mrdjoamar and https://cgn.us/mrdjomar feel free to come and watch or even chat, hope you guys have a good day!

  5. I stream a lot fortnite and call of duty, I guess I could say that I almost went pro on Call of duty Zombies. Well i like working with other streamers and also play with followers. I'm a very open streamer so i can take in any feedback, if you guys think that there's something that i could do better just tell me. Also if you need tips on how to grow I'll do my best after all I have a couple of followers on mixer. Well i'm not sure how this will go but I hope this road is the right path. 

  6. Sup guys, i'm a streamer that stream on both mixer and twitch i also post videos on youtube. This is the first day that i'm on CGN and i guess i'll see how this goes

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