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Everything posted by Shivant

  1. Going Live with some more #slaythespire. Working on the Silent A5 and beyond. Will be playing some #Slaythestreamer if there is enough interest. Come let me know at twitch.tv/shivant 


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  2. Going live with all three lovely ladies in the house! My lovely Girlfriend and our two kitties will be joining us in #Astroneer today.  The quest to find catnip begins. twitch.tv/shivan

    Astroneer friends.gif

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  3. Shivant

    Hi I'm Shivant

    Hello Everyone, my name is Shivant. I am a part time variety streamer over on twitch.tv/shivant. Ive been streaming off and on as a hobby for about 4-5 years and am now starting to take the streaming process more seriously as I grow more passionate about this medium. I am interested in all sorts of things; Video games, Movies, Politics, Science, Stimulating Conversation, Learning about new things, and Languages. Some of the games I play and stream are; Path of Exile, Book of Demons, Magic the Gathering, Artifact, Warframe, and others. I used to be a pretty competitive gamer and was working my way up the ladders in Dota 2 at one point before I got burnt out by the toxicity of the community. After that burn out it took me a while to find any game where I didnt immediately and only notice the toxic elements of their community. After about a year and a half I finally got over it and was able to really look and appreciate the good in each game I played and was inspired to try and make a community that sought to help one another in games whether they are new or pro. The Scrub Club is a community that seeks to promote fun and happy gaming between players of varying experience levels. Whether you're new to the games being played on stream or a seasoned veteran the Scrub Club will welcome you with a smile and a helping hand. My user names will be linked to my profile shortly but in the mean time look below. Steam: Shivant! Twitter: @Reid_Shivant Twitch: twitch.tv/Shivant Scrub Club Discord is being redesigned and can be found in my profile at a later date We are always looking to play games with awesome people so if you like something I'm playing never be afraid to join in. I look forward to meeting many of you awesome people! if you dont hear back from me immediately please forgive me - I'm not great at social media and part of me taking the streaming thing more seriously is to learn more about this stuff. Where did you hear about us, or how did you find us: @RizeUpGaming Referred me! Make sure to check him out to
  4. Going live at twitch.tv/shivant. Trying out Astroneer a beautiful space crafting exploration game. It looks really cool. Thanks for the early valentines day gift honey 🙂


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  5. Going live with a short stream of #Slaythespire. After 30k damage to the heart we finally are moving past A5.  Lets continue to climb the spire! twitch.tv/shivant 


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  6. Going to have a #chill stream today. Let warm up and hang out with some nice Slay the Streamer... I mean Spire! Don't hurt me! twitch.tv/shivant

    Chill Out.gif

  7. Going Live with some #MonsterHunterWorld! Working on higher level quests but as always its an open party especially for y'all in the CGNFAM! twitch.tv/shivant

    Dont forget we are still raising money for CGN!


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  8. #CGNFAM Get on this!

    , CGN 4f77d6f9d7551cd508e3d5eae6cc1031

    Giving Away a Copy of Anthem!
    Simply Re-share and Reply to the post below!
    Will announce the winner on Sunday Night!


  9. Go check him out.... for me?


    , RizeUpGaming 6b3eead18f3b2759224817a9b7254346

    More Convo and Games with the family https://www.twitch.tv/rizeupgaming

  10. Awesome stream today! Thanks for the follow CGNdotus 😄. We will be continuing to stream Slay the Streamer as it seems everyone has some anger to take out on my virtual avatar! lol

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  11. Live with Slay the Spire - Defect Ascension 4 going to get to level 5 today! If we end up getting enough people we will be playing some more Slay the Streamer.



    Come at me.gif

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  12. game looks crazy fun, $60 is a bit tough as a student though. Praying to the RNG Gods

    , DRayTV 434d726ab2b7aab8bdb8122d609acfbb


    1. zheck


      I think you reshared the wrong post.

  13. , RizeUpGaming 8734001318944dc016925bc98d7d67d0

     me and sean are playing Nioh and we have decided every tip over 5 bucks every sub and gift sub is that 5 mins of no rolling dodging or blocking in the game and if you gift 10 or more subs you pick the weapon we use come on by and lets finish this day off great -hope all is having a better day 

    5 year partnership with twitch celebration 

  14. Going live with some Realm Royale #Ninja Open party for anyone in the #CGNfam. twitch.tv/shivant


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  15. Had a great stream today. Played a lot of slay the spire and finished off the night with Realm Royale with Wheele and some new friends. The app is no 7% of the way funded! Keep it up everyone!


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  16. My face when Im sitting in traffic at 4:45 PM and my stream is at 5:00 PM.

    We are finally home so lets Slay the Spire! We are also going to be raising money for @cgndotus to create a mobile platform. twitch.tv/shivant 


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  17. Its finally warm in the apartment again. I never want to lose heating in the middle of winter ever again! Catch me playing some Slay the Spire over at twitch.tv/shivant





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  18. Going live at twitch.tv/shivant . Sorry for the delay all! Tonight we are trying out Realm Royale. It looks super fun so lets throw ourselves into the fire!


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  19. Welp I was wrong. Something came up guys, stream will be delayed a few hours and will start closer to 7:00 PM EST

  20. Heres the stream in case you didnt wanna type it out 🤣

    , RizeUpGaming 67a6d90e9cbd8bc225d6f8d635aba5ef

    Start of competitive ReV season > !ace !qotd in chat  


  21. FINALLY A DAY WHERE I'M NOT IN CLASS FOR 13 HOURS! We will be going live later today around 5:00 pm. Hope to see you guys around.

    Schedule is almost done, I know which days Ill be streaming just not a consistent time yet. SOON!

    In the mean time go check out @RizeUpGamingHe's an awesome streamer, great energy, and a lot of knowledge. Oh and guess what. HE HAS HIS CAMERA ON! (that's pretty rare)

    giphy (1).gif

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  22. , RizeUpGaming 4576458b3e203fe2569dab0cfd168b48

    Lets give a great day. Games with friends  > !ace in chat 


  23. Holy Cow guys, What an amazing stream today, Thanks to @Wheele31 and @1x20DND for the amazing hosts! Had an amazing time and finally got to meet the one and only @lordbitrus. Finally ended with an awesome raid for @RizeUpGaming. Loving being a part of the #CGN Family

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  24. Going Live at twitch.tv/shivant. Playing some more #pathofexile Really wishing there was a mapquest function to the Atlas


    new stream schedule in the works.