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Everything posted by T1shero

  1. It is time for more The Guardian Legend 100 #speedrun! Will be grinding for gold through all the rage. http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  2. It's time for Wife Wednesday!!! We will be traveling through time once again in the 3rd installment of Journeyman Project, The Legacy of Time!!! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  3. I am live doing a Kid Icarus #speedrun, then I may try to learn Renegade for the NES! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  4. After this mornings horrible death, I will be doing The Guardian Legend 100% #speedrun to conquer the time and come out victorious! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 


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  5. I am live with The Guardian Legend 100%! Lets see if I can complete a run today! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero

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  6. It's Final Fantasy Friday!! I will be playing Final Fantasy VI starting at 9 PM EST. There will be voice overs!!!! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  7. I am live and #speedrun The Guardian Legend 100%! Come join me for an amazing game and try to complete a run! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  8. I am live and ready to get that sub 12 on Target Renegade! Come see if I succeed or fail... http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  9. It's Wife Wednesdays! Starting around 9 PM EST @MeowingKitty2 and I are going through time to save the human race in Journeyman Project Pegasus Prime! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  10. I made some charms from my favorite NES game, The Guardian Legend! I will be making more 8 bit charms soonish



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    1. zheck


      Those look awesome!
      How long did they take?

    2. T1shero


      I have a vinyl cutter so I was able to cut out the silhouettes to the exact detail, colored em by hand which took roughly an hour for all 3, them bake them in the oven for 15 seconds. So I would say it took about 2 hours

    3. T1shero






  11. It is time for more #SuperSmashBrosUltimate World of Light! Come watch me struggle through the tough battles that are ahead. http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  12. I am live and #speedrunning Kid Icarus for the NES again! Lets see if the RNG gods will be good to me tonight!! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

  13. I am live playing #SuperSmashBrothersUltimate and will be doing the World of Light! Come see at how bad I am and maybe have a laugh at my struggles. http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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  14. I am finally back from Texas and tonight we will be having a family stream at 9 PM EST playing #SuperMarioParty!! http://Twitch.tv/T1shero 

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