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Everything posted by Taliburt

  1. Whats up gamers!  Happy Monday to ya!!!  Going live for some Fortnite.  BE THERE!


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  2. Is Sea of Thieves really worth the money?  It looks fun but...ehhh...repetitive.  Thoughts?

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    1. zheck


      Sea of Thieves is easily worth it.
      Tons of hours of gameplay available, and they are constantly updating.
      I think the release of Atlas actually increased the amount of people playing it

  3. Whats going on Gamers!!!  Hope your holiday was a great one.  Going live for some Fortnite.  Be there!!


  4. Happy Saturplay Players!  Going live in a bit!


  5. Whats up!  Going live for some Fortnite!  Come hang out!


  6. Got the first win of Season 7 AND broke my kill record with 12 elims!  POG!

  7. Anyone planning on playing Just Cause 4?  IM SO HYPED FOR IT!

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    1. Ikacake


      is  that an  new  one? 

    2. Taliburt


      Yeah man!  Just Cause is the best waste of time blowing ISH up.  LOL


  8. Come hang out! Playing some Fortnite!
  9. Whattup CGN!  Time for some Friday Night Fortnite!



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