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Everything posted by Foxboxunion

  1. Going live with some Clocker dbd and possibly skies of arcadia tonight. First we start with clocker a great little puzzle game with a time controlling element that has a lot of good design and art behind it. Lets go check it out fam.

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  2. Foxboxunion

    Aiming for 1st ending in 2nd

    Welcome welcome so what kinda content do you typically focus on friend.
  3. Going live with some DBD before we switch to clocker and skies of Arcadia for a long day of gaming

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  4. Welcome all travelers to my channel, here you shall find a all that you seek. Here we seek to entertain all who venture into our little home.
  5. Bout to go live with some skies of arcadia legends before swapping over to a new NISA game we got for the switch. Tuesday Hype 

    Skies of arcadia.jpg

  6. , TADSGaming 91861babb94c1f1afbea6c33b91fe40b

    ohhhh no i will miss it, its real late here now and off to bed in 20 mins

  7. So your looking for someone to shout cast it or play in it is my main question?
  8. Foxboxunion


    Game looks really interesting
  9. Foxboxunion

    Hey y'all! Thanks for welcoming me here.

    o/ welcome to the content world. If you need any help with anything always feel free to reach out to anyone or post as the cgn and twitch family are always around.

  10. , CGN 3210139775851a3217088bcb6633c25f

    We're Giving away a Copy of Jump Force!!
    Re-share and Reply below to win!!
    Announcing the Winner on Sunday!


    jump force.png

  11. Going live with some new games to test out before possibly switching to a classic RPG later. For now though lets go fight with the dead on our side with undead  horde. 


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  12. Foxboxunion

    CGN Podcast is Coming Back!!

    This should be fun and interesting.
  13. Foxboxunion

    How did you come up with your username?

    Originally I went by a different variation on the name as dark fox trooper and was going to be working with a good friend bearbox before life came in and took away all his free time with his first born. So I bought his equipment and took up part of his name to carry on his legacy
  14. Going live with some indie titles. Longer stream today more then likely before we need to cut out and edit some reviews and game footage. Lets see what these indie games have in store before swapping back to the biggies. 

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  15. Foxboxunion

    Fresh Meat -- Opinions Needed

    Grabbing a capture card would help alot cause if you want an overlay and to use slobs which is better then regular OBS you need one since xbox is pretty locked down. As far as what you play it depends on what your focus is and what you enjoy. If you are pushing large sometimes just dedication to one game is needed if you just streaming for a hobby variety is always good.
  16. Starting out with a little league while people shuffle in then moving on to some indie titles and dev provided games. Lets go

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  17. 30 minutes and counting before we get in with some Indie titles and return to form of the RPG life. Shorter then normal Tuesday stream cause got a lot of raw footage to edit and write over but should be fun. Going to be capturing some raw footage of a bloody good looking football we have been provided as well. Expect to see a lot of game swaps today and the testing of our brand new shure mic and sound board. 

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  18. , CGN 80053e8dc7779871463ed27595429ee7

    Giving Away a Copy of Anthem!
    Simply Re-share and Reply to the post below!
    Will announce the winner on Sunday Night!


  19. Testing out some games we have been so kindly given to review.  capturing some raw footage as well to edit over the week. Come join the foxes as we check out these interesting games. 

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  20. Going live with some demo games HellFront Honeymoon and Pantropy. Not sure what we will find but should be interesting. Gathering some gameplay for a little review we will be setting up over the week. 

  21. Feeling sick so  brain dead gaming for tonight, DBD and maybe league? Lets go support the cgn app kickstater fam.

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    1. Shivant


      Feel better dude, it sucks being sick!

    2. Foxboxunion


      It does, mah head hurt tooooo much 

  22. , CGN 7c209fe27a109a331ee77114e66a7371

    Congratulations to our Newest Partner @adultnature
    A Gamer from Britannia that loves to play Retro Games!
    Check out his Profile and leave a follow!!


    cgn profile adultnature.png

  23. Gaming time before the weekend. Preay for the gods, some league and who knows what else.

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  24. , CGN 4ec003f17438284b88fb2b6f62a4f807

    Re-share this Post to Win a Copy of Resident Evil 2 Remake!
    We will announce the winner Sunday!

    resident evil 2 remake.jpg

  25. Going live with RE2 bby in support of the CGN app. Hype time


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