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Everything posted by Agamewithchums

  1. Today, we're continuing to make our way through the RCPD, and running into a slobbery new friend...
  2. Agamewithchums

    Let's Play ReCore! Part 14

    Today, we're finally assaulting the Eden Tower and putting an end to this madness! Or are we..?
  3. We're back in the RCPD, and boy is it dark in here.
  4. Agamewithchums

    Let's Play ReCore! Part 12

    Today, we're finishing up our core hunting and getting back on the critical path.
  5. Agamewithchums

    Let's Play ReCore! Part 10

    Today, we're discussing potential sequel ideas, like a cat robot that can, uhh... get into tight spaces..?
  6. Agamewithchums

    Let's Play ReCore! Part 9

    Today we're getting acquainted with Duncan, and then we're going to smash things.
  7. Agamewithchums

    Let's Play ReCore! Part 8

    Today on ReCore, we're checking out a big ring, Paul's discovering that he can't read, and we discuss whether or not Kai looks more like a Colin.
  8. WooOooOoo! Welcome to a spooky new let's play, where we get started by discussing such topics as Paul's desire to be Sophie Ellis Bexter, how cool a Resi-Evil Dead crossover would be, and Leon's distracting bum chin.
  9. We play some Apex Legends on the Xbox One X Streamed on our Mixer Account. Join us #mixer #apexlegends #xboxonex
  10. Agamewithchums

    Let's Play ReCore! Part 6

    Today, we're meeting some new characters, and discuss Paul's tendency to disappear at the drop of a hat
  11. Hello Chums check out our livestream of Respawn Entertainment Battle Royale game Apex Legends
  12. Agamewithchums

    Let's Play ReCore! Part 5

    Today on ReCore, we're answering a distress call and discussing sandwich fillings
  13. Agamewithchums

    Let's Play ReCore! Part 4

    Today we're checking out our first challenge dungeon! Ooh, platforming!
  14. Agamewithchums

    Quick Look | Celeste!

    Maybe don't play this game when you're drinking...
  15. Agamewithchums

    Let's Play ReCore! Part 3

    Today, we're realising that ReCore is kind of like Mass Effect Andromeda...
  16. Agamewithchums

    Let's Play ReCore! Part 2

    Hey you beautiful chums. Check out our latest video of the underrated game ReCore. It is pretty good #XboxOneX #ReCore
  17. Agamewithchums

    Quick Look: We Happy Few

    Join us for a quick look at Compulsion Games' We Happy Few, which has just recently landed on Game Pass. We reminisce about saturday morning cartoons and do a poor impression of Dick van Dyke's poor impression of a cockney geezer.
  18. Agamewithchums

    Let's Play ReCore! Part 1

    We're starting a new LP here on the channel today, getting started with Armature's underappreciated action-platformer, ReCore!
  19. We've final done it Chums - we're seeing Ryo off to Hong Kong. That is, if we can just beat that pesky Chai.
  20. Agamewithchums

    Quick Look: Dragon Ball FighterZ!

  21. Today, the Chums are discussing Tom's freaky mystical powers, and then beating up like 100 guys.
  22. Join a duo of drunken idiots as they play some videogames and fling insults at one another.
  23. This time, we're going to make it to the docks in time, save Nozomi, and ride off into the sunset as the music plays. Yeah!
  24. Some footage of the new demo for Resident Evil 2 Remake, captured via Game DVR on Xbox One X. I didn't finish the demo because I was being stupid, and now I can't replay it
  25. In which we (attempt to) snipe some fools. And blow up. A lot.