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  1. So my crazy idea of helping people with their mental health live on stream, not so crazy on how it's helping people.

  2. you ****ers are all awesome, we broke 24 subs befroe midnight (with 9 min to spare), beard is going to be dyed and 24 stream is a go, i need to prep for it. if im not able to complete we will do a karaoke stream later. next goal will be a 36 subs, if i dont do karaoke instead of 24, we will do it then, looking for ideas instead if we already do karaoke

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  3. how are you folks?  , i know, i know, slacking...... VLOG up


  4. holy awesome month, what do you say besides thank you to folks xD

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  5. Sumta

    Off day ideas

    I met these family people before, some are good, wasnt a great experience for me, cooking was only a 2/5 as well
  6. Sumta

    Off day ideas

    pizza is always a good plan "discover outside", heard of it, but i also heard the physics suck sometimes
  7. What do you do on your off days? wake up, come back form doing something, be in a mood that we all know you shouldn't stream. what do you do? just poking ideas for people to share with each other. What i do: Lurk in other streams Offline crap, like here, twitter, games with regalurs ms paint Post what you do, i'll make a list here, might give others ideas at some point
  8. Another CGN raid turned a host train, between the 2 of us, we dropped 50 people on a unsuspecting streamer, 


    Looking for ideas to push this further.

    You wanna host raids? GO FOR IT!!!!

    What i look for when i raid someone, what was i playing, and try to drop people into something similar.   I do a lot of space/survival/horror,  those are who i host normally.  build your raids folks, I would rather show viewers people they might likes and build loyal viewer communists then watch a  viewer just leave twitch because "they are bored"

  9. Little Raid went ok :)  got KentishZombie  up a little bit at least :), do i dare to try a 2ed one today?

  10. thinking #cgn raid after RE tonight ^.^

  11. always hate putting up the the "what ever" schedule, but if your health says you need to , DO IT folks, stay helathy

  12. Think @guyrillaplays had fun on our little raid :), maybe next time, we will have MORE :D

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  13. My 1 week lurk time is over, time to start rolling around on here ^.^

  14. Raid priming, at end of game, we raid #cgn

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    1. Sumta


      good first round, tomorrow we'll do another,

  15. first stream went well. bonus stream will have the #cgn raid attached :D


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