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  1. Game over!

    Try again?

    V Yes or X No.


    You are a lvl 1Warrior going on a quest to find the Legendary Rock of Happyness.

    1. KittiePlaysTV


      V times infinity ! Never Give up :)

  2. Thank you for the Follow. :3 I love who you are and what you dream off. I'm  looking forward to seeing you grow  and Flourish. <3

  3. FinishedCoinWithWatermark.png.8337e349a53bb29974f8ece10603b55b.png

    Hello, This is Shroomie...

    Shroomie was a happy little Mushroom.

    Until he found loss and hardship.

    Then Shroomie became very sick.

    He got lost and felt really alone.

    But never gave up.

    Shroomie fought hard and realised he had a Dream.

    His dream is to find more Shroomies.

    Cause if Shroomie isn’t alone anymore….

    He can be Happy.

    Join the 1Up Program!

    Be a Shroomie!

    Because Shroomie is a Dreamer.

    A Supporter…

    A Lover…

    A Fighter…

    Be a Shroomie  and spread the Love.


    Support The 1up Program by:

    -Hiding a Shroomie in plain sight.

    -Spreading the Word on 1UP 

    -Making Artworkor video's for 1Up

    -Giving him tips on how to improve his life and Stream.

    -Making Shroomie Happy.

    -Investing time or money into Shroomie and 1Up.

    -Help Shroomie achieve his dreams.

    -Support Shroomie in supporting other Shroomie's.

    Shroomie is a Happy, Loving,Supportive Mushroom and He is in ALL of us.

    If you have questions feel free to ask _Shroomie_




  4. Here's some Motivation for all of you. 


  5. Thank you for the follow! <3 How are you today?


  6. Good morning Dreamers 


  7. Finished a drawing for @binary_baadass cause i love him. And want him to keep doing what he does on his stream. <3

    link teaser fin0007.jpg

  8. Hello CGN Lovers, I am _Shroomie_, I'm a Belgian Streamer and as some of you may already know, I am working hard on trying to get Partnership with CGN. 100 Follower Hype! I am planning a Giveaway at 500 Followers for a 25€ Giveaway and definatly planning one at Partnership. I am 100% fully commited to achieving my Dreams and making other people's dreams come true. My Dream is to work fulltime as a streamer and Dream-maker. So for that to happen i have to figure out a way to gain Support and make my Dream come true. If i can inspire just 1 person to step up their game and take calculated risks to achieve theirs, then that's good enough for me. Support is everything! So go out into the digital world and meet and discover lots of interesting people. If you like me and my dream i suggest you to follow me and be a part of The Shroom Boom. Cause i'm gonna go Explosive together with all of you!
  9. Thank you for the follow my friend and thanks for everything! <3

  10. Thanks for everything my friend. Glad to have you here.

  11. 100 Follower hype! And i won Tazaar B-band and pins<3

  12. I'm on with a new setup.:D hopwe it does the job


  13. Thank you for the follow and welcome to CGN! :3 I look forward to meeting you.


    1. Maeka


      Thank you :)

  14.    Can't wait. If the money is on my account tomorrow the computer will be here the day after tomorrow at the earliest. :o This is gonna be my "Stream" Laptop. But for now i'm gonna go to bed.

  15. I streamed some Switch on mixer.:) But i'm not Dedicated to it. I stream about anything i like playing. Got Splatoon 2 stuff like it.
  16. :o OMG Green Light on the Asus Gaming Laptop. woop woop :o 


  17. Still live @ With fortnite.:P omg....

  18. Https:// And live again with Demetrios, Going for the achievements!

    1. _Shroomie_


      4 more Achievements to go.


  19. Controller has come.

  20. and live with Demetrios The Big Cynical Game!


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    2. ImTheMetalLord


      I just got there and it looks like I just missed you.

    3. _Shroomie_


      I needed to eat.:) Will be back later probably.


    4. ImTheMetalLord

    Check out this great game! I won the game for Xbox one thanks to @ImTheMetalLord

    I know what i'll be doing tomorrow! <3

    1. ImTheMetalLord


      What a fun stream and thanks for hanging with me for so long!

  22. A stream link would be handy^^
  23. Rocket League:  Start up or restart Rocket League then do up up left right left right B A start Button ;) for a suprise.

    1. _Shroomie_


      Rocket League:  Start up or restart Rocket League then do up up down down left right left right B A start Button ;) for a suprise.

  24. Going live! Football Commentary Mode hopefully :P

    1. _Shroomie_


      100 minutes of stream :P And going for a break cause "I Need To Munch!"


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