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  1. The guys start the invasion to rescue the princesses, catapulting into action against the beekeeper kingdom and their allies.
  2. The forest is no safe haven as we find something that scares the $#!% out of the animals. Plus, we fight a giant Cat monster and invade another kingdom to get our princesses back.
  3. Ah, Steve and Izzy of Everything I Learned from Movies bestowed this "gem" upon the podcast... Luckily, Nathan and Brendan are not alone and they bring Brent (Home Video Hustle) on-board to help them dive into another Uwe Boll videogame adaptation - Bloodrayne. The guys talk about everything from the horrible wigs, Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley slumming it, Michelle Rodriguez's accent, the prison sex scene and much more.
  4. ***Spoiler for Act 2*** It's time to make a get away by using Jeff as a sled and to get away from a hoard of angry lumberjacks and gymnasts. Special Thanks to Microsoft for providing us a copy of this game, which is available now on the Microsoft Game Store and Game Pass.
  5. Lucas and Pino are joined by Phil on tonight's podcast - as the guys talk about leaks killing what could have been an amazing Netflix series, Needing more time on Sands of Time remake, and Capcom knowing exactly what doors they were opening with Resident Evil Village's new villain.
  6. New Review up on our site.
    This one feels like it's beating a dead horse but I figured if I'm writing review again, I might as start with what I consider the worst game on 2020. WWE Battlegrounds. 


    The TL;DR is that this game is a complete waste of time - but if you need more reasons why , check out our review.


  7. ***Spoiler Alert for Act 2*** After battling their way through the Lumberjacks, the boys put on a strange, Olympics style show for the Gymnasts to bring peace between the two warring sides. Special Thanks to Microsoft for providing us a copy of Battletoads. It is available now on the Microsoft Game Store and the Microsoft Game Pass.
  8. Lucas and Pentavus are not tired of beating up hordes of villains and it's time for the boys to jump back into the world of The Behemoth with their hit game Castle Crashers. Pentavus takes control of the Purple Knight while Lucas brings joy, happiness, and deadly diamonds as Hatty!
  9. Lucas and Pino are back for a new season of the GameItAll Podcast! Tonight the guys talk about 2020's biggest letdowns and the games that kept us sane through the year.
  10. *SPOILER WARNING in effect for Act 2* Lucas and Pentavus attempt to find peace among the Lumberjacks by beating them to a pulp. Meanwhile, Jeff somehow learns to teleport despite being knocked out. Special thanks to Microsoft for providing us a copy of the game, you can check it out on the Microsoft Store and on the Game Pass for Xbox One and PC.
  11. It's the final mission and the guys come face to face with the menacing figure known only as "The Boss". But how will the story end?
  12. Lucas and Pentavus learn quickly that Death Island isn't named for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous castle looking over the ocean, but rather for the pain they're about to suffer from the hands of Muay Thai Chickens, charging buffalos, and crazy Sloths.
  13. The boys get into a fight with a Foxy Lady, brutal Dobberman doormen, a Jaguar who forgot to wipe, and the super menacing Battle-Turtles! This game took a hard left at weird but a least there are bunny girls.
  14. It's time for another good-old-fashion beat down with Indie brawler Fight'n Rage. Lucas and Pentavus take control of the F.Norris and Gal in order to beat down some Furries who want to eliminate all of mankind while wearing outfits that would make the DOA girls blush.
  15. A remake of the original Streets of Rage with a Yakuza skin on it! Yes Please! Well not quite. As Lucas and Pentavus attempt to brawl their way through Yakuza's infamous red-light district Kamurocho, they learned that this adaptation (while being free) doesn't have much content in it. But still delivers a fun brawling time for fans of both series.
  16. How's it going everyone, been a while. The crew and I have been on Christmas vacay (see Covid-19 Orange Phase) and because of that there has been a lack of content on our side. But we're about to start the new year with some big plans that we hope comes true for 2021 - which includes more streams, more podcasts and new videos.
    So on behalf of the crew, stay safe - drink responsibly, and we'll see you guys in the new year.

    - Lucas.

  17. With the holidays in effect and with people getting gift cards for a gift, it’s the perfect time to have a Steam sales! With these sales, you often see games go for dirt cheap, and this is the main purpose of this acquisition, even though the full retail is less than a toonie. Hanging out with friends and getting bored of all the big budget shooters? Here comes 360 No Scope Arena! For 59 cents (on sale at the time of purchase), you too can enjoy being a MGL pro sniper pew pew try hard! [insert air horn noises]
  18. So after a bit of a hiatus, we're going back on Twitch, hopefully finishing Shadow Warrior tonight!
    Starting soon -  https://twitch.tv/gameitalldotcom

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      Twitch life best life hypee! 
      I hope you had agood stream! 
      LOVE Shadow warrior!! 

  19. Lucas takes a page from Shovel Knight and learns how to Scrooge McDuck his way through some tricky jumps. Meanwhile Pentavus loses hope that they'll beat the game.
  20. *Spoiler Warning in effect* As we start Act 2, we're joined with The Dark Queen (with a new look) as we go to hunt the Topians, god-like beings who control the universe, but first we have to help the Dark Queen meet her confidant Jeff, who we may have accidentally killed. Special thanks to Microsoft for providing us a copy of the game, you can pick up Battletoads on the Game Pass or via the Microsoft Games Store.
  21. How's it going everyone.
    Haven't been here in a while but things are slowly starting to kick back into gear, Pentavus and I are back recording later this week for some co-op adventures after a bit of a hiatus and I'm going to jump back on streams very soon - likely Friday but I'll give everyone a heads up.

    During our downtime though I published our review of Battletoads 2020 and Marvel's Avengers - so feel free to check out our site for that. We also got new episodes of What Were They Thinking and For Screen and Country available on the site for you to listen.

    Marvel's Avengers - https://gameitall.com/marvels-avengers-review/
    Battletoads 2020 - https://gameitall.com/battletoads-review/

  22. We finally reach the Dark Queen and play the most confusing game of Instrument, Toaster, Sandwich we've ever seen, and finally reach the Act 1 Super Boss!
  23. As the boys continue their way through the Carn-evil, the game throws some patience breaking puzzles and hordes of bad guys at them. Special thanks to Microsoft for providing us a copy of this game, you can check out Battletoads on the Microsoft Games Pass for PC and Xbox One!
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