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Everything posted by _Novol_

  1. hey all!, I'm on PS4. always looking to stream with people and network and help build on followers , so if anyone else is interested please let me know and we can work together by supporting each other and spreading the love! Hope to hear from you all soon
  2. _Novol_

    A wild Novol has entered.

    My Name; NovolMy Interests; Games and ArtMy GamingTags and Usernames: PS4 - titan3845 Known as Novol and also lkuroMale or Female; I'm the Silver surfer i have no gender....... Ok i'm a Male ¬_¬Where are you from; LondonWhere did you hear about us, or how did you find us; Twitter is where i found you awesome people. Ok so a little bit about my self, love to game, and also to network with other gamers. started off watching people livestream and was always wanting to have ago at it like it was some ride, lol, now that im finally able to, i want to give this the best attempt i can possibly do, would love to network with you all and spend some game time just chilling out, always makes playing games that much more fun. im kinda chill and laid back and always up for sending back love and support that is actively given to me. Besides gaming i love to draw and create characters and making little projects for myself, if you check my twitter page, the banner is something i created myself and also my twitch page But yeah that's me in a nutshell feel free to ask me anything you want! to get in contact with me feel free to follow me on twitter @_Novol_ and my twitch is twitch.tv/lkuro_ hope to here from you all soon
  3. _Novol_

    A wild Novol has entered.

    thank you kindly, i'll be sure to visit your stream aswell!!
  4. thanks for the i like you award, i like you too lol ;p

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  5. Thanks to all the people that followed. i followed back. hope to see you guys pop in the stream when you have some free time, i'll do the same. and if we have a game or two thats the same we could play together at some point. would be fun. i currently binge play Paragon , FFXV, and about to start tomb raider ( abit late but yeah lol ) also have Destiny =3
  6. Working through the list and following people
  7. thanks for stopping by guys <3

  8. hey this is an awesome idea, my twitch is twitch.tv/lkuro_ i play a mixture of games though, not tied down to just one genre
  9. live now on twitch come hang. paragon stream

  10. Hows everyone dooooing?


    1. zheck


      Doing good, how are you? :) 

  11. _Novol_


    live now, come join if you can guys! Twitch.tv/lkuro_
  12. _Novol_


    hey guys back from the dead, been really busy lately, hows everyone doing? and what did i miss? update me with your lives peoples!! O_O
  13. thanks for the follow!! i appreciate it!

  14. thanks for the follow man i appreciate it!!

  15. _Novol_

    PS4 Player looking to network !

    one step at a time haha
  16. _Novol_

    PS4 Player looking to network !

    dang that sucks =/
  17. _Novol_

    New here

    heya, i'm on ps4
  18. _Novol_

    New here

    welcome buddy, hope to network with you at some point
  19. _Novol_

    PS4 Player looking to network !

    ah wil do will do
  20. Hey guys, I'm starting up dragon age inquisition completely new game, if you got nothing else to do come drop by and say hai #CGN #Small_Streamers #Twitch
  21. _Novol_

    Early morning stream

    Dragon fin souuuup about to go live hope to see you guys there! twitch.tv/lkuro_
  22. _Novol_

    Hi! I'm new here :)

    welcome sir, hope you enjoy your stay and good luck to your channel
  23. _Novol_

    New to Twitch :)

    welcome hope you enjoy your stay
  24. _Novol_

    What up my fellow gamers?

    welcome dude, enjoy your stay hope to network with you soon