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  1. Inspiration was Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura from Troika Games. A group of developers that left from another company after Fallout 1 was released & before Fallout 2 was made. They had worked on both Fallouts and wanted to do their own thing, as they didn't like the direction a company called Interplay was going. So my username was made by the combination of Arcane & Void. In the story of Arcanum, there were terrible individuals who couldn't be killed by normal means. So they were sent to an eternal prison; that prison was called the Void and no one could go in or out without a ridiculous amount of magic being used. The first game I used the name in was The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and it just ended up being what I kept using from then on.
  2. I've been using ReStream.io for 9 months and I love it. It allows your followers & subscribers to communicate with each other during streams from many platforms. *Make sure to set up the ReStream Chat so that communication is viable between them. I don't like the concept of separation and different platforms when you can bring them together simultaneously. HOWEVER, I do agree that it is more work and effort to keep attentive of both sides. So if you don't have the time to spend on both fronts, then just do the one. Isolationism happens when you aren't as involved in one as you are the other; it's better to focus on one if two are too much of a load to handle. I keep communication active with both Twitch & YouTube and have a bot (Stream Elements) that interacts with both platforms on either side. Also, I actually recommend my followers to use both sides, as Twitch is only for streaming and YouTube is for the uploads later, if they want to watch the recordings they missed. As for upload and latency issues, yes, certain platforms are slower than others - that's just how it is and if people can't stand it, then they can stick to what they like.
  3. Been a while since I've been on this site - distracted as of late with other stuff.

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  4. Mass Effect, if done poorly, would disappoint tons of people, so I understand that fear. Ender's Game, of course, not everyone liked it because of the difference from novel to movie; but, as a movie alone, not focusing on the book's progression, it was still pretty good. Kane & Lynch - never played the games, but it looks ok. Tomb Raider - if HBO started this, it would probably be pretty good. Just on my own terms, I've gotten my fill and moved on, so I probably would pass.
  5. 1. Sure. 2. Hell no. 3. I liked it. 4. No. 5. Agreed, if done right, and depends on which one. 6. Sure. 7. Boring, already too many of these. 8. Sure. 9. Sure, if they started from the beginning storyline. 10. Too many of these... Moving on.. 11. Meh, sure. 12. Hell YES 13. No... just no... 14. Why... moving on... 15. Sure, agreed, could work. 16. Easy, sure. 17. Meh, sure. 18. Yes. 19. No. 20. Yep. 21. No... 22. Sure.. why not. Just more money for Ubisoft. 23. No. 24. Sure. 25. Yeah, could be a good one. 26. No. 27. Sure. 28. No. 29. Wouldn't mind this one; could be nice. 30. No... again, already exists.
  6. I'm using one of the CGN images atm on various websites; if anyone has a better looking one, let me know. Preferrably a bit more rounded out or with a transparent outline/background. Not many use WordPress, but it's slowly growing, so maybe that will help somewhat.
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