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  1. Does Cash have the Mario Kart skills to pay the bills? He claims to have been the BEST at Super Mario Kart back in the day!
  2. This is why you can’t work with Family!The Bro's are at it again! Brand tries his hardest to Direct Cash! But like always he Fails. This is why you can't work with Family!
  3. The bros play co-op Blazing Chrome! It's Robot and Boobs to the rescue in this Contra Hard Corps inspired adventure!
  4. I want my package and I want it fast! I should call the Game Pro Bros Totally Reliable Delivery Service because they delivery by helicopter! (Game Pro Bros not liable for damage to your package.)
  5. Spiderman has a whole lot of really bad video games, and this is definitely one of them. Discount store animation and gameplay combine to produce something far from homerun quality.
  6. Gotta go fast! Until you go so fast you slam your face into a wall and look like the god awful CGI version form the movie. And even though Sonic runs fast, never forget his best friend Tails when you need to throw someone off of a cliff.
  7. If you need your package delivered fast and safe, you shouldn't hire us! But if you want it cheap, we can do that. Totally Reliable Delivery Service: Not Good, Not Fast, But Cheap.
  8. The bros face the mighty Zangetsu. Have they picked up enough shards to make them powerful enough for the fight, or is it back to the vajazzling mines to power-up their shardbinder abilities?
  9. The Bros become inter species parents to a random group of kids they possibly stole from more fitting parents, and face court appearances for all of the children that died on their watch with the help of their hard-boiled attorney.
  10. Bros! Bras! Enter for your chance to win our Assassin's Creed Origins giveaway: http://bit.ly/gpbaco 

    AC Origins Giveaway.png

  11. Brand and I talked about it quite a bit. And we thought Game Pro Bro's was funny because neither one of us are very Pro. XD
  12. These Guys Are Great!!

    1. UndergroundArcade


      Thank you guys! You're also freaking hilarious! Glad we can be friends:D 

  13. This #Halloween night, the bros play #TheBlackoutClub and work together as a ragtag group of teenagers to stop the supernatural cult taking over their town!

    Watch on YOUR platform of choice tonight, Halloween 2018 @ 10PM ET/7PM PT
    YT: https://www.youtube.com/gameprobros
    Twitch: http://twitch.tv/gameprobros
    Mixer: https://mixer.com/gameprobros


  14. Coming this October, join the Game Pro Bros for Game Pro BOOS, a month-long Halloween and horror game celebration. This year, find the videos placed in random Game Pro Boos episodes for opportunities to win free games. The first entry's on us in this video: 


  15. All October long, enjoy Game Pro Boos horror-filled season! This year has a special guest who'll be showing up throughout the season. Play his game, follow his links, and you can win games in multiple giveaways throughout the month. Win Dead Rising 4 in this first of many Halloween giveaways.


  16. We're going to be playing Contra co-op on this Flashback Friday. YOU get to decide if we get to play with the Konami Code or if it's all over in three lives by voting in our twitter poll:



  17. Y'all like them FREE GAMES? https://www.humblebundle.com/store/f1-2015?partner=gpb

    Get it free while you can!



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