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  1. Ashen one... Wait, wrong game. In this game, you are a faceless whale chasing dark souls boi who plays with an AI friend or plays alone while Cash does his own thing.
  2. Mother Simulator gets serious by introducing ice storms, earthquakes, and a picky baby, while Cash continues to be an abusive father and husband to the Game Pro Bros family.
  3. The Bros challenge Dutch to a race to prove it's no country for old men, fight the evils of the racists that live in the woods, and refuse to raise another man's child.
  4. It's a zero mistakes perfect speedrun playthrough (no it isn't) of the first Hitman 2 Elusive Target - Sean Bean
  5. The bros set off on their old timey adventure, somewhere abouts chapter 3 of the game so you don't have to learn how horse works and walk through the snow level for two hours.
  6. The Bros travel back to the ****teenhundreds and get drone-sniped by Leviticus Cornwall before musing about the state of Mumm-Ra's mummy jerky penor.
  7. Brand experiences the trials and tribulations of being a single mother, with an evil wicked step-brother who insults his efforts as a proud independent woman. He overcomes this to become LeMom James, the best WNBA player in the world.
  8. This is indeed the most totally accurate battlegrounds game we've ever played. Also the matches are way faster than pubg, both to start and play.
  9. The bros encounter some seriously fat zombies, and an old guy who deserves to be eaten in episode 6 of Resident Evil 6.
  10. Cash starts dictating the rules of how Hitman 2 should be played, which causes some unintended consequences and mistakes.
  11. The bros finally make it to the end of Final Fight. Turns out the final fight is against some doucher in a wheelchair who doesn't even need it.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving! Skip the arguing family and just listen to ours instead as the bros go on a Thanksgiving dinosaur adventure in this mess of a Jurassic Park game!
  13. The bros take on the honor of the highest ranking assassination in Sniper Elite 4, and obviously they succeed without any effort.
  14. The bros totally have no idea all these dead bodies lying around in this game are gonna hop up as zombies as soon as they walk past them. /s
  15. The Bros enter the sunny land of Miami on The Finish Line mission in Hitman 2, Brand makes Cash mad at how amazing his briefcase-tossing skills are, and only one person was harmed in the filming of this episode.
  16. Game Pro Bros

    Cuphead - Let's Play! (Playlist)

    I really enjoyed watching you play this. The look of Amazement and Wonder was Priceless. Well done commentary as well. You Rock Bro!
  17. Game Pro Bros

    Toy Story (SNES) - Flashback Friday

    Cash tricks Brand into playing a real piece of crap hiding under the guise of a good movie. But it's more tradition than not that any movie tie-in game is going to be just awful. #RetroGaming
  18. The bros help a midwestern mom despite misgivings, and immediately are proven right for not trusting Big Debbie to not cause a zombie outbreak on the path leading out of the subway.
  19. The bros enter the world of HITMAN 2 and get right down to the business of locating all the obscene, immature, and horrible ways you can kill your targets as the world's greatest, and most ridiculous assassin.
  20. The bros finally enter the subway area in Leon and Helena's campaign, and Brand learns you can't leave Cash unattended next to the subway platform.