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  1. I have around 550 subs, need a group to start working with on a consistent basis. best ways to contact me are through my email or twitter: email: [email protected] (preferred) twitter: https://twitter.com/TheProLagger?lang=en
  2. I am a YouTuber that has been doing youtube for over 3 years, through the years I've made friends and lost those friends from them quitting, some have came back for times, and some have recently started to come back, but mostly at the moment I need a group of dedicated streamers, youtubers, over all creators that will build a community with me, I don't plan on quitting anytime soon, more time would be amazing though. If you want to start collaborating with me through any social media, the best ways to reach me are through my twitter, or email, as I don't check this website much anymore. sub count: 500+ (views are dropping cause of school and always have been low cause of how I started) twitter: https://twitter.com/TheProLagger?lang=en email: [email protected]
  3. Happy Birthday Pro lagger!

  4. ima probably build my own after a few things came up a got a friend that's gonna give me some parts and I will be able to upgrade from that (I got other parts to combine with the ones I get from him)
  5. I am looking for people to collaberate with on xbox 360, either on minecraft or cod please link me your youtube channel after giving me an answer thx
  6. Pro lagger

    Can't Wait!

    I am hoping to get either a new beast desktop for christmas, or maybe an xbox one, but honestly I just can't wait for the break off of school xD either way I can't wait, and the xbone and or desktop would be a nice touch seriously this laptop is starting to get on my nerves lol.
  7. got into channel of the week for the 1st time on 11/16/2015 :) so cool

  8. Hope to see cool things happen through this website :) I hope it does help me grow and meet new and cool people xD

  9. Welcome to CGN, Pro lagger :)

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