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Pretty Fat Girl

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  1. We sick but we streaming some R6 come hangout.


  2. We streaming and we ready to lose some gear. Come hangout :)


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  3. Hey @Pretty Fat Girll, Thanks for following me. I shall follow you as well. What do you like to play? Are you into Fifa at all? if you are I'd love to play you on fifa 19... I don't have a good mic at the moment, It's a work in progress. But thanks for following me and I look Forward to seeing your post in my streams :) until another time my dear take care xoxo -John kb1ilu

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  4. Streaming in my Pikachu onesie until the onesie pub crawl tonight. Come hangout and say hi! :)



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  5. Streaming some Tarkov, trying to get good at gaming. Come hangout!



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  6. Anyone here playing Black Desert Online and looking to join a guild? Hit me up if you are :)

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    1. GhostBomber44X


      I kinda play. I bought it during the Summer Steam sale, but I havent dedicated any time in it as I want. Once I get going, Ill keep this in mind! I usually lone wolf it lol. 

  7. Sorry for not streaming like at all. My internet company basically said FU. I don't have a good enough upload speed anymore to stream good quality. Hoping to find something better soon and get back to things.

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    1. DreadLoche


      Take your time, you got this.

    2. Mr_kancer_xb1


      Been having the same problem...


  8. Sorry guys my stats homework has been taking up my whole day. Trying to get my assignments done soon so I can start streaming.

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  9. We will be hitting 56 tomorrow for sure. :)

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  10. Just woke up. Work at 5pm, not sure when I will be off but I will most likely have another short stream like last night after work. <3

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  11. We live for a short stream. Grinding some BDO.


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    1. ImTheMetalLord


      Man....I love that game.  Need to get back at it.  To many games, not enough time.  Have a great stream girl!

    2. Pretty Fat Girl

      Pretty Fat Girl

      It's such a fun game!

  12. So sorry for not streaming much. I have some personal family things going on and right now I just need to be with family.

    I will try to be live tomorrow after work. <3

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    1. lxARCHANGELxI


      Hope everything works out. Family always comes first. 😊

  13. We live and taking shots fr every 3 followers we gain. Come hangout, chat and chill :D


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