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  1. Merry everything you believe in !  May 2020 be the year of positive change in our lives.

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    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      YEEEE Happy holidays! 

  2. Meow ???


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    1. PositiveKittie


      lol i forgot my password yet again and I tried logging in with my Twitter account 😛 it's all fixed now . 


  3. Hey thanks for the follow doll

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  4. Friend them. Get to know them as friends, hang out in their streams and check them out. Making friends is way more better than asking for follows, in my honest opinion. People will follow you if you are just yourself.
  5. November 7th 2018 was the day I had my major surgery to remove the tumors . I still have to go through CT and MRI scans to see if i am in remission. 

    Other than that , 31 days ago , I rebranded 1 last time to something that is more like me. 

    If anyone wants some iCanadianKittie merch , I have it in Merchroom.com and also streamlabs merch store ?

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  6. Hello, lovelies,

    So as of November 7th, 2018, I went in for major surgery. They got most of the Cancer out but, I will have to go back for radiation therapy after my healing is done.

    1. zheck


      Glad to hear that things are progressing!
      Heal up!

    2. Game Pro Bros

      Game Pro Bros

      Best of luck with the treatments. It's extremely hard to deal with big medical issues, but do your best to keep your spirits up through the process. It can really help the healing process to keep as positive a mindset as you can. 

  7. So , here is an update . 


    I have stage 2 cervical cancer. Diagnosed since March 20, 2018.  It's been rough having this and chronic fatigue all the time. It's been tough on myself and my little family.


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    1. StooperSaiyan


      I'm truly sorry to hear that. Hopefully you have a good support system around you.

      Be strong and keep that head up.

    2. FrankieDooSpace


      Wow! That are sad news! Fight it! Victory is life! Sending positive vibes your way!

  8. Heading out today to get a ct scan of my pelvic , stomach and chest .  Being diagnosed with a chronic illness sucks -.- 

    1. PatrixRaider


      Hoping for the best. Sending you positive thoughts

  9. Ahhh so much better :) oh hi everyone . How's life treating you ? 

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  10. Hi you amazing awesome people <3 


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    1. zheck
    2. PositiveKittie


      I'm doing great , how about you Zheck ?

    3. zheck


      Doing wonderful, just getting ready for HIT POINT in about thirty minutes :)


  11. The very first Mario , then duckhunt and mario 2 and 3 ....i was hooked !
  12. Thank you for the follow! Followed you back, can't wait to connect. 

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    1. PositiveKittie


      Aww lady <3 you're entirely welcome xx

  13.  hey thanks for the follow!I would appreciate a follow back and on my channel www.twitch.tv/manynuggets345! just followed yours btw :)

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