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  1. My heart damn near stopped lol. To give you an idea... it's a 1.25% chance to pull a 5 star character. It's a .008% chance to get one that you want. It also takes 120 regular summons for a chance to pull one of these. I am stoked!


  2. And we are live! Join us today for a subscriber giveaway and more!


  3. , CGN 10dbecf3814c8baa7b31b5ebd74c51d9

    Congratulations to our Winner @roshuGaming
    Sending you a list of games now to choose from!

  4. Finally got the computer fixed! We are live with an account giveaway! Come on in and type !raffle for info!


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  5. Hey guys! Come join us as we have giveaways and more! @CGN@cgdotus


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  6. We are live! Come join us and hangout! https://twitch.tv/plutokillertv @CGN@cgndotus @cgnpromo

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    1. PlutokillerTV



  7. Raffle for an account worth over $600 in Epic Seven, a mobile RPG. Come on in, follow, and then earn points to buy tickets! Raffle open until 12AM CDT


  8. We are live! Come on in and hangout!


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  9. Hey everyone! Stream is still going strong! Come on in and hang out!


  10. We are live! @CGN@cgndotus @cgnshare @cgnpromo #CGN


  11. Ok I'm done streaming, but you can checkout Mahabamo!


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  12. And we're doing it again! Come by and type !join to enter the giveaway for a subscription to the channel! https://www.twitch.tv/plutokillertv 

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  13. So we were able to work out a partnership with a channel sponsor! Great progress being made, and I'm super excited!

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