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  1. IM LIVE NOW PLAYING XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X!!! Twitch.tv/OmgXero  #SupportSmallerStreamers #SupportSmallStreams #SupportSmallerStreams #CGN #Xenoblade #love #twitch #stream #xenobladechroniclesx

  2. IM LIVE!! Twitch.tv/OmgXero  #SupportSmallerStreamers #SupportSmallStreams #SupportSmallerStreams #CGN #ArtistOnTwitter #art #drawing #love #twitch

  3. Full version of the monster hunter world beta!! Check it out. It was super fun and I can’t wait for the full version January 26th 


    Dont know why the video wont show but just check it on on the videos section of my twitch page  twitch.tv/OmgXero 


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  4. GUYSSS Make sure you follow me at twitch.tv/OmgXero The monster hunter world beta starts soon and I’ll be streaming it tonight!! So come by and see What this games all about!!! Follow to be notified when I go live!! 

  5. Hey. Grab some merch from my shop for the holiday season!! redbubble.com/people/omgxero 

  6. Long stream today. Let’s finish The Last Of Us! Twitch.tv/OmgXero 

  7. Live NOW ON #twitch! http://Twitch.tv/OmgXero  #SupportSmallerStreamers #SupportSmallStreams #SupportSmallerStreams #CGN #ArtistOnTwitter #art #drawing #love

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  8. So here it is. This is what I did on my twitch stream last night. Follow me here for more!! twitch.tv/OmgXero 


  9. ART LIVE! Right now!!! twitch.tv/OmgXero 

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  10. Long stream today! Finishing up the drawing I posted here just recently! Make sure you don’t miss this. Follow or subscribe at twitch.tv/OmgXero 

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  11. Thanks for the follow!! Hope you enjoy your time here! ?

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  12. drew part of this on last nights stream at twitch.tv/OmgXero check it or and give a follow for more art in the future!! 


  13. Entered a contest for rick and morty T-shirt. If you guys can help spread the word that would be awesome. 



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  14. Can’t wait for xenoblade 2! And dragonball fighter z
  15. streaming tonight!! 9pm Est. Come join me while I draw my rick and morty T-shirt design For a contest!! Twitch.tv/omgxero ;P follow to get notified when I go live!! 

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