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  1. streaming some doom beta come hang out playing with viewers !!! www.twitch.tv/nxtemare1031

  2. cant believe I'm going to finals for cineplex candian championship !!!

  3. hey guys hows everyone day going sorry i haven't been active lately busy with school and christmas shopping lol will be streaming and uploading everyday again !!!!

    1. zheck


      No problem man! :D

      I know things can get pretty busy during the holidays.

      Hope things are going well for you

    2. NxteMare


      they our thx for asking

  4. hey hows everyone nights going just wanted to let u know i started 4 series for my black ops 3 videos ones called lone wolf which is ffa gameplay and the other is road to master prestige where I'm just playing pubs and t...

  5. Happy Birthday NxteMare!

  6. hows eeveryones nights going time to go over some videos and walking dead !!!

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  7. editing some videos might posted a new cod bo3 gameplay

  8. well work then streaming some dead rising 3 tonight !!!! since halloween soon !!!

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