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  1. What's up bro! Follow for follow? https://twitch.tv/sirkingbumi

    1. NovaFoxx


      i got you.

    2. SirKingBumi


      I appreciate that bro! I'll be sure to check your streams out! 

  2. Deeper into the madness a new foe arises from the darkness unseen it attacks from the shadows. Stay in the light.
  3. The hardest battle thus far. They almost got me. But we live to fight on.
  4. NovaFoxx

    Lets Play Hellblade (Part 4)

    sorry about the stutters. It stops after a few minutes and i finally fixed it for good.
  5. With booth gods defeated we can now venture beyond the gates of hell. Dont forget your tooth brush.
  6. The hunt for Valravn, god of illusions.
  7. Let us find this god of fire, and spill his blood.
  8. More Story Time Games. No Commentary. Enjoy the show
  9. NovaFoxx

    Classic Stone

    It never fails. Almost one TK per game with this guy.
  10. Thanks for the follow 🙂 

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  11. Rainbow Six Siege. check out a couple of my ace games.
  12. Variety gaming stream. Mostly story rich titles with some PVP action here and there to spice things up a bit.