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  1. Some sweet quote action from yesterday's stream! 


  2. onna be streaming some Halo Combat Evolved with my buddy Sifu at around 8:00pm CST tonight so be sure to tune in folks! Twitch.tv/nathansamplegames


  3. To see the links to ALL of my social media profiles and channels be sure to check out




  4. I'm really enjoying playing Final Fantasy X so far. I want to stream it some more but I have like 3 stream archives I need to edit today first.

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Good game! good game! 

    2. Nathan_Sample


      Indeed it is

  5. Learning about the Sony Playstation 5! ... or at least trying to! -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/nathansamplegames
  6. Okay, so after some minor edits I've got episodes 1-4 of FF7 uploaded to twitch rn. Episode 1 is still processing but I've at least got them all in one place now. I'm going to be taking down the YouTube archives of them and putting them on Patreon for now.

  7. Okay gonna start trying to do the 24/7 reruns again on twitch (currently doing a test of this idea) I'm going to clearly be labeling the reruns as what they are using both an emoji and also just the titles contents (twitch also differentiates it on its own as well)


    Here's an example of what the title difference should be:

    RERUN - "📼 Some sweet rerun action!"

    LIVE - "🔴 Playing a childhood favorite!"


    I'm going to be keeping the chat in sub-only mode during the 24/7 reruns just because in my original tests one of the biggest problems I ran into was people dropping by and either randomly spamming then leaving, or just people not reading the titles and getting butthurt.

  8. Am I a good boy?

    1. zheck



  9. I decided to make a YouTube channel for the podcast. I might just publish the video version of the full episodes there and I might also stream the podcast itself there. So if you're interested in that be sure to sub



  10. If you missed it be sure to listen to the most recent episode of the Game Juice Podcast where I interview my good friend Static! We talk about his love for Mortal Kombat, his hatred for Fallout 76, how he got into streaming and podcasting and much more!


    Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/episode/6ydGiTCsQHmPS7YeYSmGHf


    Anchor - https://anchor.fm/gamejuicepodcast/episodes/The-Game-Juice-Podcast-2---Chatting-with-Static-eaoeqg/a-a1ptlh


    The video version of the podcast is also available to $1 patrons

    Game Juice ep2 - Chatting with Static.jpg

  11. Alright new episode of the podcast is up on Anchor. Should be up on Spotify, apple podcasts, google podcasts, etc very soon as well.



  12. Want to support what I do? Then be sure to pledge to my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/nathansamplegames My full series playlist on Rayman Legends for Nintendo Switch! If you wanna become part of the community hit that subscribe button! Subscribe - https://goo.gl/5vdZfi Support the channel on Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/nathansamplegames Merch store - https://streamlabs.com/nathansamplegames/merch All my links in one place https://www.tapmybio.com/nathansamplegames Friends of the channel: http://bit.ly/NSG-Friends
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