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  1. Gonna be doing a podcast episode tomorrow night with @zheckover on my Twitch channel. Does anybody have any questions you'd like to ask me or zack?

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  2. Episode #2 of NSG in the Morning. In this episode we have some conversations about PUBG, Fortnite, how I don't think you should be afraid to honestly speak your mind, and you get to watch me design my new stream layout for the show LIVE! be sure to check out ALL of my socials: https://streamerlinks.com/NathanSampleGames
  3. This is sort of a "pilot" episode I did of a new show I'm doing. NSG in the Morning is basically going to be a show on my Twitch where we wake up together and have discussions we talk honestly about whatever is on our mind and we don't avoid topics because they could be considered triggering or offensive. We say our honest opinions and have a true dialogue about these subjects. See this show as a sort of breakfast table discussion. In this particular episode we talk about the idea of fear of cancellation, we discuss Twitter and the social climate there, my feelings on rioters, and many more topics!
  4. Alright, since I’ve not got my mobile streaming setup at least semi-situated I think I’ve got an idea for a show. I basically want to make a “morning talk” kind of show where I sit down and honestly talk about things that are on my mind. Not trying to be funny, or hyper-active, just honestly discussing things that are on my mind and having an open dialogue with my audience about these things and whatever is on their minds. This probably won’t be a scheduled thing but I try to keep my gaming streams at least semi-free from super deep discussions because I want it to still be usable as solid escapism but also being quiet about certain issues drives me crazy. What do you all think about it?

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  5. I was actually about to end the stream when I decided I would "try-out" this boss just to gauge how hard it'd be. I had no idea I was about to beat the game! Watch live at: https://www.twitch.tv/nathansamplegames
  6. Starting to upload highlight reels and edited vods to my Facebook account if anybody is interested in following my page:


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  7. I played the original Assassin's Creed FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER yesterday and here's an awesome video showing my experience!
  8. Current streaming line-up:

    Mario Mondays - Mario Odyssey

    Dauntless Tuesdays

    Retro Wednesdays - Spyro Reignited

    Grand Theft Thursdays - GTA 5

    Fortnite Fridays

    Sub Saturdays - FF9

    Elder Scrolls Sundays - Oblivion

    1. ZiggyMJ_


      old school. I like it. I def wanna watch spyro for the memories lol. dropping a follow now 🙂

    2. Nathan_Sample


      Thanks for the twitch follow btw @ZiggyMJ_sorry that it took me a few days to reply!

  9. Switching my rerun chat to sub-only for a couple of days to see if it's better or worse that way.

  10. Thanks for the follow bro!

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    1. ZiggyMJ_


      of course! link me ur stream ill check it out


    2. Nathan_Sample


      @ZiggyMJ_I'm currently not live (I do reruns 24/7 when I'm not live) but here's the link ye olde twitch



  11. Gonna start posting my Twitch vods on here more often. I haven't done it in a wee bit.

  12. , Happy-Sloth 0a92c7dc72227eddafd497cd7f85ae2c

    I'm going to be doing an Apex Legends Stream tonight at 7pm EDT. I'm inviting anyone who plays the Xbox version of this game to play with me. The idea of this is to be more interactive with other gamers and fans. So if you would like to play a few games with me let me know!

  13. I've been taking the week off from streaming and using that time to clean up the house and simplify certain things in my streaming setup btw. I'm very ready to begin streaming again but I'm going to wait until Monday. Until I can get a better upscaler I'm only going to be playing games specifically on the Xbox 360 and the Switch from now on. I'm also going to begin to try to avoid politics on streams from now on since it seems like most people cannot be objective when having political discussions so I figure it's best to at least try my best to avoid them. 

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    2. Nathan_Sample


      I like Smash bros but I don't have ultimate unfortunately. 😞 

    3. Happy-Sloth


      that's a shame. If you do however end up getting it at one point, hit me up. I'd be down to play.

    4. Nathan_Sample
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