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  1. Back after a very long time.

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      Welcome back :) 

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  2. KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES! // Prison Architect: Escape Mode #1: http://t.co/wGh8FzTipT via @YouTube

  3. KILL MONTAGE! // Star Wars Battlefront Beta: http://t.co/sQvLfXKmWA via @YouTube

  4. Best reply to comments and stuffs then.

  5. NETFLIX CATS // GMod Trouble In Terrorist town: http://t.co/LTcLHVBveM via @YouTube

  6. RT @TheUniquianShow: @DeanoSauruz @GamingDigi @FeeFiFoFail and others I guess, play with me and @Newbie95Np on Ark! It's free for two days!

  7. I made a tribute to the most important people in my life, no not #OneDirection, Its Ned! http://t.co/ifrQAYzgiz

  8. Planning on doing some streaming on Saturday guys.Its gunna be minecraft but ill try to make an open server so you can join in too :)

  9. My brother cant find any fucking gravy! http://t.co/i53Fx0H9RF

  10. Don't wanna get up...

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