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  1. I am currently 11 followers away from 100 and that is a HUGE milestone! I want to celebrate this when I return by doing what I like to call...STORMTROOPER DRUNK SOULS :D

  2. I will continue to become more active with in this great community as much as I can :D Much love to everyone here! <3

  3. Hey everyone, not been on this as much as it's a very busy time for me, just moved in with my girlfriend and we plan on moving in to our own house in July. I will be returning to streaming once I am settled in that new hous...

  4. MrJ0TD

    Hey everyone I'm MrJ0TD

    Thank you everyone!
  5. MrJ0TD

    Hey everyone I'm MrJ0TD

    Greetings from the Empire! I'm MrJ0TD and I started streaming Variety Games on Twitch 3 weeks ago. Mainly playing Dark Souls 3 right now but love playing whatever strikes me at the time! My biggest pride and joy is my suit of Stormtrooper Armour which I done from time to time to show the enemies of the Empire how we handle things! I'm from Scotland(Amazing weather by the way...) and enjoy the heck out of video games and chilling with awesome people. The past couple of weeks have been incredible as I have grown to over 80 followers (They love the accent haha) and have a goal to reach 100 soon! I will not be on Twitch from the 29th of this month till July as I am moving around a lot soon but will remain very active talking wise and love to chat with like minded gamers Games I play: Dark Souls 3 Bloodborne Star Wars Battlefront Undertale Many many more... I found out about CGN through a good friend of mine Mr Feudal. Upon seeing what this site does I was more than happy to Join and communicate with what seems like a great community. I can't wait to see what future lies ahead for this little empire of mine and would love to share my experiences with you all and take part in this great community! And please...give in to the dark side!! MrJ0TD
  6. Welcome to CGN, MrJ0TD :)

    1. zheck


      Welcome to CGN :)