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  1. Guys....I will be doing an 12 hour #Livestream yes an 12 hour ? on #DLive tomorrow at about 7:00pm GMT #roadto100

    1. sbloom85


      Good luck.

    2. Legit_Dinosaur


        12 hours of dlive! DAAAMN! 

  2. Guys will be live soon on #Dlive #DLiveFam not sure what to play yet! https://dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

  3. Right, will be live on #DLive later....GET READY!!! dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

  4. Hope everyone had a good #Easter will be #livestreaming later on today on #DLive dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      hope you had a good stream buddy! what id Dlive your display of choice? 

  5. WARNING!!! will be #livestreaming on #DLIVE this morning! Are you READDDDYYY!!!! dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      did you have a good stream buddy?! 

  6. Will be back #livestreaming later today on #DLive so stay tuned! Might try the new game #wordwarz dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      hope you have a good stream flipper! I don't really use dlive but iv been told its good! 

  7. Good morrow to you all! Hopefully later on this afternoon, I will #LiveStreaming on #DLive #dlivetv go give me a follow so you know when I am #Live dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Good day ma dude! so many people use Dlive? what kinda benefits does it have? 

  8. WARNING WARNING WARNING #LiveStreaming almost activated....stay tuned!! dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

  9. Its #livestreaming time later on @OfficialDLive let's get 100 followers...please! dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe stay tuned!

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      had many people message me about thie dlive whats so special about it? 
      Whenever asked people just say they take no cut in pay... is that the only benefit? 

  10. Happy Sunday everyone, will be #livestreaming in abit on @OfficialDLive stay tuned! dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

  11. Wait..what..Saturday #livestream yes! I will be live on @OfficialDLive in abit! dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

  12. Thank you so much guys, 50 followers hype ??? on @OfficialDLive now let's get 100 ??


  13. Will be #livestreaming later on tonight rather than tomorrow on @OfficialDLive come say hi! dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

  14. Everyone got that #FridayFeeling .....good! Will be #livestreaming later on @OfficialDLive so close to 50 followers, Stay tuned! dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

  15. Don't forget will be #livestreaming later today on @OfficialDLive so make sure you follow....please..? in top! dlive.tv/MrFlippertoe

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