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  1. We are working hard to get our Arma 3 server running for to play on. Server IP: Teamspeak: http://ts.compendiumgaming.co.uk - For more infomation join our Teamspeak and it is an Exile Mod server -http://a3.launcher.eu/download Download the mod on this program
  2. We are working hard to get our Arma 3 server running for to play on. Server IP: Teamspeak: ts.compendiumgaming.co.uk 

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  3. Are You a gamer and are interested in joining a Gaming Family then JOIN now over at ts.compendiumgaming.co.uk Go and Have Fun
  4. So now we are in to the last 24 hrs to order you Compendium Gaming Fleese with your gamer tag Included so if you have'nt done it yet pop in to the Teamspeak and order yours now before tomorrow this is the last call for these. Ts.CompendiumGaming.co.uk Regards The Pirate. £ 26 inc postage.
  5. Compendium Gaming are doing a charity livestream from the 9th to the 11th of december to 1 celebrate our first Birthday and 2 to raise money for Children with Cancer UK Currantly Live on Hitbox - http://www.hitbox.tv/CompendiumGaming Join our Teamspeak - ts.compendiumgaming.co.uk
  6. Hi all - I just want to invite everyone on the CGN Network to the Compendium Gaming's 1st Birthday Bash on the 9th of December 2016 There will be lots of gaming happening on our Teamspeak and Game Servers - Farming Simulator 17 , Ark Survival Evolved , Arma 2 Dayz Epoch , Rust and the odd Convoy on American Truck Sim and Euro Truck SIm under the MNT Trucking VTC Links to Compendium Gaming - http://www.compendiumgaming.co.uk/ MNT Trucking -http://www.mnt-trucking.co.uk/ Teamspeak Server - Ts.CompendiumGaming.co.uk Hope to see some of you there GTFarming Signing off
  7. Followed u back, if you have a twitch or a YouTube let me know and I'll follow up there. :)

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  8. The community was founded in late 2015 by The Pirate, It was initally called 'Pirates Bay Gaming Community' but we as management thought it was time for a change after 9 months. We play many games such as: Star Citzen, Minecraft, Farming Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, and many many more! We also have streamer on the different platforms of Twitch , Youtube gaming and Hitbox So why not come and hang out We also run many Servers from Farming Simulator 15 , Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead , Ark Survival Evolved , Arma 3 So come join our teamspeak server and have a laugh - TS IP -
  9. Welcome to CGN. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    1. zheck


      Welcome to CGN :)

    2. [MNT Trucking] GTFarming

      [MNT Trucking] GTFarming

      why thank you - can i promate the gaming community teamspeak i use on here 


    3. zheck


      Sure you can

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