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  1. hey can I ask you a question? How do you get premium icon y your name?

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  2. So hyped for Fallout 4!

  3. Happy Birthday Yondurr!

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      Thank you!


    2. zheck


      You're welcome :)

  4. After months in the making, it is finally here. This video is to express all the lasting memories I shared with those whom I met in during it's lifespan over several years. All of the following pictures were taken directly by either me or close friends, and all of the music used was used in Home. Every photo, music, and clip was put in with heart and creativity. May we never forget, even the bad times. Songs (In Order) 1 - [0:00] Classic Mall Remix (2007 Original Theme) 2 -[2:50] Second Mall Theme 3 - [6:19] Weekend Warriors (We Never S.T.O.P) 4 - [9:30] Kaleidoscopes (Lost State of Dance) 5 - [13:45] So RDY Bro (Asklepion) 6 - [18:04] Playstation Home Theme Song 7 - [20:45] Ashes (Playstation Home Dev Special) 8 - [25:02] Come Along (Like a Dream) 9 - [28:13] Steady Pulse 10 - [33:13] The Lakes
  5. Graduating High School Tonight!

  6. Almost done with final exams! June 2nd and I shall be FREE!

  7. Ah it's a shame my PS Plus expired this month, and that I won't be getting any cash until summer! I'd love to get it again
  8. It's about time! After months and months of delaying, they finally come forward. Good grief Rockstar!
  9. Thank you for friending me :D

  10. What game to play next?? It is a mystery!

  11. A new start! 2015 Awaits~

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      Happy new year !

  12. What advantages does the premium version offer?
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