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  1. happy monday folks hope your all well and keeping the support strong !!! 

  2. i know your all amazing at what you do, make it even better 



  3. hi folks sorry for lack of updates hope your all well and streams are awesome!!!


    hi 5s all round

  4. hope you all well today :)


  5. Spotted you in my stream earlier today. I appreciate the love. Stay on your grind m8!

  6. last day in the £25 giveaway 



  7. afternoon folks hows everyones day ?


    1. zheck


      Doing well, how are you? :) 

  8. hope yous all had an awesome weekend 

    1. zheck


      Indeed I did!

      How was your weekend?

    2. Mi8ky2006


      was good very chilled and a few streams in there :) 

    3. zheck
  9. hi team sorry for the long break bein moving house and internet has bein poor, hows life treating all yous ?

  10. hows everyones weekend going ?


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    2. Mi8ky2006
    3. Mi8ky2006


      i play mostly console but wen destiny 2 drops i want in on that pc movement :) 


    4. Nickbg7n


      Holy smokes! That is a nice computer your getting there. I have never played anything Destiny, but I believe I have watched some gameplays of it. That should do the job for you. If you wanted to go for a overkill, you could go to 32gb of RAM 4x8GB. Depending if you use alot of programs running at once. But 16 should do you just fine.

  11. live in a dive!!! fifa weekend league  https://www.twitch.tv/mi8ky2006

  12. thanks for the follow bro from a fellow bf1 streamer

  13. live in 5 battlefield 1 come say hey!!! https://www.twitch.tv/mi8ky2006

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