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  1. LIVE on Twitch! Labs & Matches in  #DragonBallFighterZ    T-Minus 1 day until #Bardock and #Broly !  Twitch.tv/pgfrosty

  2. Aaayyy Playing #Earthbound...for the first time! Retro Wednesdays! Come hang!  Twitch.tv/pgfrosty!  #Retro #Snes #RPGs

  3. Hello everyone!  Man it feels good to be streaming again!  Gonna' make Wednesdays my tentative Retro days, so I'll be going live tomorrow at 8:30 PM EST, with some Earthbound!  Gamer confession... I've never played it!  So come hang with me!  Twitch.tv/pgfrosty 

  4. Ayy it's Monster Hunter Monday! Lets do this!   Twitch.tv/pgfrosty!  #twitchtv #monsterhunterworld #streaming #LIVE #Gaming #Videogames 

  5. Hey everyone!  I'm going live with some Monster Hunter World :)  It's farming time!  Twitch.tv/pgfrosty 

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  6. Hello everyone!  It's been forever since I've been on here!  Feels good to be back.  Life has been 100mph for me.  My wife and I had a son, who is now almost 10 months old, and now I'm back into streaming and networking!  I'd appreciate if you would go follow my Twitch page :)  Twitch.tv/pgfrosty!  
    Much love!  Oh, and give me a shout! 


  7. Live now playing some Dark Souls II! twitch.tv/provengamer Come watch me die! lol

  8. Live now playing some Mega Man4! Come say hey! twitch.tv/provengamer

  9. Going live with Shovel Knight! Come join me! twitch.tv/mgs_daniel25

  10. Hey everyone! Finally back on the grid! I will be going live today at 11:00 AM EST to play some Mega Man. Swing by and say hey! Twitch.tv/MGS_Daniel25

  11. MGS_Daniel25

    Hey! It's AntToeKnee! New User here!

    I've been in going on 2 weeks maybe. Why you ask?
  12. MGS_Daniel25

    Hey! It's AntToeKnee! New User here!

    Welcome to the CGN Nation! I'll check out your Twitch Channel!
  13. MGS_Daniel25

    Whats up, CGN Nation!

    You guys rock!!
  14. MGS_Daniel25

    Hi My Name Is Chewy

    Welcome to CGN Nation!!
  15. MGS_Daniel25

    New to CGN

    WElcome to CGN Nation!