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  1. Wow it has been a hot minute since I've been here on CGN. Such a cool site, I missed you guys ?


    I've been crazy busy with my job and the move to California. I stopped uploading to my YouTube channel and started streaming on Twitch. I've gotten more enjoyment from my twitch than I ever had from my YouTube channel. If you all would like to hang out and talk with me, my url will be below. ?



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  2. Wow! Hey everyone! this post got more replies than I'd imagine! How'd everyone do? Did you guys get some good sub counts from this? I really hope so! If you have the time, i took a break from Youtube to collect my thought and to really hone my channel down to what it should be! If you get a chance, check out my latest video!
  3. WOW, hi CGN! It's been a while! I've been busy with a new job, and moving across the country. Since then, I've taken the advice that was given to me and honed in my channel.  I've posted a full series of a RPG Maker game called IT Moves. It Moves is about a boy who has nightmares that slowly but surely bleed into his own reality. The story is terrifyingly simple, yet horrifying. Here's the link to that series! 



    The next update! I've started a new series that I'm incredibly excited for! It's called "Gaming Conspiracy Theories". And, if you couldn't tell from my incredibly vague title, It's about gaming conspiracy theories lol! I'm going to be going over the most obscure and scary conspiracies I can find! 

    In the first episode I go over the Pokemon Lavander town song, the fact that the original legend of zelda had a dungeon map that was shaped as a swastika, and i go over a theory that animal crossing is actually based in hell! Here's the link! 



    Thanks you if you took the time to read this incredibly long post, but i appreciate it!

  4. Yeah, it's been rough. I was over here like "I'm a small youtuber, no way it'll affect me!" I was horribly wrong. My friend who owns a fairly large channel normally got about 8mil of views a month, he's now on average getting 4 or 5. So I mean, in that sense, I suppose I can't complain.
  5. But I definitely get trying to do full playthroughs. I plan on it most definitely, I'm still really experimenting with what works best on my channel, hence why it's kind of all over the place.
  6. It definitely does, yeah, we actually have lost almost all of our views because of a new youtube suggestion update. So we'd normally get around 3000-5000 across the channel. Now it's maybe 1000. Youtube has changed how suggested videos work, rather than it being new content, it's usually youtubers you're already subbed to. So for us, it's been really hard finding new subscribers. And it hasn't been just our channel suffering, if you look at any big youtuber, they're down too. Pewdiepie has talked about it, Markiplier, H3H3, etc, etc. Hopefully it'll get fixed, but until then, our network has told us to adjust tags to try to almost correlate with other youtubers so you'll hopefully pop up on their suggested videos.
  7. Hi there everyone! Aaron from Megabits here! I just had a quick question from everyone here. So I've been gaining a lot of subscribers lately, last month alone we gained almost 300. So things are going well, in a sense. What I'm having issues with keep a good audience that's active. My watch times are up, but people aren't staying for my videos. I guess I need a "hook" to keep the audience. If anyone can give me any ideas or advice, I'd be very thankful!! Here's my channel! Go over some videos and let me know! www.youtube.com/c/cmegabits
  8. Hey guys! We are literally 2 subscribers away from hitting 1900! Please help us in getting this goal TODAY! Please share us around as much as you can!!


    Also, here's our latest video :)


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      You're awesome! Thanks man!

  9. Hello, CGN, and happy New Years! We hope you all brought 2017 in with a bang! I vape, I know. I know. Negative connotations with it, most of the time. I decided to make a video about my favorite vape "tricks". This is completely satire (as stated in the title), but I thought it was actually a really funny video. Check it out, don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe if you'd wish ;) Thanks for being awesome, CGN!
  10. The most satire video about vaping tricks! Happy 2017, CGN!



  11. Hello there CGN! Just wanted to see how everyone is doing and let you know that we've released two new videos if you want to watch them!! Links will be below!



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  12. Subbed! Nice channel! I definitely enjoy your content!
  13. A lot, actually! I do some networking almost every day. A really good app for Twitter networking is called "CrowdFire". That's one of my biggest tools. Aside from that, I try to contact bigger youtubers a lot. Send a lot of emails out, but don't do it just to get some free promotions. If you become friends with them, you'll get far more rewarding advice than just a video saying "Subscribe to this guy". You'd get subs from that video, yes, but it won't be an active following. That's my biggest thing with my channel, I really want to get an active following.
  14. Hey guys! Aaron from Megabits here! I recently got a GoPro Hero 1 for a sick nasty deal and decided to show you a day in the life of...me! It's by far the best GoPro video you'll ever see on Youtube, so enjoy it and bask in the glory of me! Also, I'm being completely satire here, I just thought it was boring that when everyone gets a GoPro they decide to go snowboarding or whatever, so I made this making fun of that essentially. Anyway, please like, comment, and subscribe if you haven't already! Thanks again, CGN! I always appreciate you guys!
  15. Hey everyone! Aaron from Megabits here! Have you heard of that new trend that has swept the nation and hearts of children all over the US known as "Hatchimals"? Well, I made a satire video about hacking them so they "hatch" faster. It was a fun video and if you'll watch it, I'd be forever happy! It's a quick video (2 minutes), and I personally think it is hilarious! Leave a comment, or a like, and let me know what you think down in the comments! Thanks again, CGN! You're awesome!
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