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  1. Just got back on here yesterday after being MIA for months, work has been slammin and girlfriend been needy, but feels go to be back, I'm also back on Twitch now! Sent from my iPhone using CGN App
  2. Will do man Sent from my iPhone using CGN App
  3. Thank you guys for wishing me a happy birthday, sorry havent been on in months ive been busy but im back and i got some new videos for this page coming and also a Live stream tonight-https://www.twitch.tv/maximuzz92


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  4. Happy Birthday Maximus Prime!

    1. EmmaJane91


      Happy Birthday!

  5. The Power of the Darkside-

  6. What they said on destiny follower made sense, explains why year 2 DLC is not coming out!
  7. Just uploaded a new video-

  8. Youtuber/Streamer/Surfer im just a casual gamer looking to have some fun, blow headshot on noobs lol jkk, also have a craving weakness for cinnabuns!

    1. zheck


      Hey maximus! :)

      You should add some of your Videos, or your Live Stream to the Network so others can see them, and we can better promote you!

    2. Maximus Prime
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