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  1. Thanks for the follow! ^_^

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  2. , CGN 5421b5bfd4e618e44fa50b8c4778a254

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  3. So to clear up on confusion for those who see my new username. I rebranded.


    Here's the reasoning


    Apex Rogue has been a name that I've used for years, with the reasoning behind it originally just being something I thought sounded cool.

    It then evolved into something that went with my stance on how much I've hated the way some streamers do things and my refusal to take part even if its meant my success is impeded. Treating their followers as numbers, relying on trends to get big without even building a community properly, a lot of things that've made the stream community more toxic. So, Apex meaning at the very top+rogue meaning someone who goes against what others do= me being at the top of my game in doing my own thing. It became something symbolic with me ya know?

    However, my name also combines the names of two popular esports teams and I feel in a way, its a parody of itself, that I'm about doing things my way and being unique, yet my name even if not meant, is taken from something else.

    So, as much as rebranding is something I didn't originally want to do because of the symbolic meaning to Apex Rogue plus the hassle of making new images and name changes to my branding and social media? 1. The name doesn't make the person behind it, and B. I figured out a name that can still relate to my mask, and if anything? More so.

    So I thought of several names, and came up with one that no one has used from what I could see, even checking every social media I use plus Twitch and DLive to make sure.

    Masquemare is an amalgam of Both The Masquerade aka my community and another spelling of "mask" plus the word nightmare. So, a combination of my love for masks as well as horror movies. I was originally worried that some people would reference the name mare being for a female horse, but fuck what they think. Its not a full rebrand however given I'm keeping my mask gimmick and logos.

    Either way, I've already changed the name on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Player.me, and DLive as well as on here though I have a lot of work to do tonight ala updating links on the different websites I'm one as well as the banners I used before so that it all reflects the rebrand

    It'll take getting used to, but its a needed change.

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    1. zheck


      I like a good re-brand. Good on you!

  4. Some food for thought.

    On any platform where one creates and shares content, be it streaming, artwork, etc.

    You don't follow someone with the expectation of getting a follow back, but because you genuinely like their content.

    And if people see you just quickly follow every account you come across, it obviously gives them the idea that you are following others without even checking their content.

    So what do they owe you in following back? Namely if they feel like you're just a number to them and that your only reason for following them was to return the favor in hopes it could get you a "following" over night?

    Growing a worthwhile audience isn't supposed to be easy. You want support? Earn what you establish and give what you want given.

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  5. Live finally rogues.

    Its a two game stream with pizza titan's and scythe slicin'.

    First, a long overdue revisit of Pizza Titan Ultra.

    After, we'll do another dungeon or two in Darksiders II.

    The Masquerade is open.



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  6. He who makes a beast out of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man.

    Also, they slay bigger beasts.

    We're live with Monster Hunter: World.

    Lets progress this story a bit more eh?



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  7. There's a certain skyscraper sized demon that's overdue to catch these hands.

    Rogues? Tonight I get my rematch with Straga, and then the final boss.

    But first I need to get past Silitha.

    Let's finish Darksiders, tonight



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  8. @zheck exactly what video category would a highlight montage of different games of different genres fall under?

    I'm wanting to start uploading variety highlight videos but don't see something that would be an appropriate section? 

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    1. zheck


      For now, probably best to throw it in the (other) category and I'll get one made of Montages :) 

    2. Masquemare


      Awesomeness! Thanks man!

  9. Starting later than I planned rogues, plus had tech issues when setting up the stream.

    We'll be visiting Wellington Wells for a spell.

    Then slaying some more titanic beasties.

    We Happy Few & Monster Hunter World are at The Masquerade.



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  10. Rogues? Its time to clash with giants as I FINALLY play Monster Hunter: World, which I've been waiting (not so) patiently for.

    And as people know from my time with Dragon's Dogma? I've slain my fair share of giants.

    The Masquerade is open!




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  11. Late night Masquerade for Throwdown Thursday is on the way rogues 

    Though again, bear with me given I'm suffering from a migraine and thus have my lights off, so no cam.

    We'll be continuing Darksiders.

    Let's rage War on some fools.




  12. We're back to solving harrowing whodunits with Two-Face's teddy bear.

    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is finally live again at The Masquerade for the first time in weeks.

    Tonight, we're playing through chapter 4.




  13. Rogues? My Masquerade faithful know that I streamed Dead Cells many a time last year during early access. I fell in love with it instantly due to its mix of roguelike mechanics and Metroidvania gameplay.

    Congrats to Motion Twin on its full release.

    Let's revisit it. We're live on Mixer 🔴



  14. Ok rogues I'm exhausted and my nerves are a bit twitchy, but The Masquerade is now open.

    First? Back to Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.

    Then? My first ever go at Nier: Automata.

    Metroidvania/Methodical Monday is live.

    And new streamers? Come Say hi <3



  15. Ok rogues its time for some vampire killing and space travel fulfilling.

    First up? We're going back to Castlevania with the Dawn of Sorrow entry in the series.

    After? My first go with No Man's Sky.

    The Masquerade is now open!



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