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  1. Hey guys check out our newest video, hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think!
  2. Hey man, hit me and my husband up on xbox, we are always looking for someone to play horde with! GT's, emsiepop and Omallystwin
  3. There are just not enough hours in the day! Finally time to sit down and game!

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  4. I'm confused! I need to go to bed and rest my stupid brain.

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  5. been so busy making video's and working part-time. Shattered.

  6. I've been playing this for a while now although a bit of a break recently as I've been super busy. I usually play split screen with my husband and/or son but I could easily spend hours in my own world just mining and exploring. It's like a meditative game for gamers.
  7. just uploaded my newest list video. time for a nap.

  8. having a quick lurk before back to video editing.

  9. back from a weekend away and back to a stable internet connection! Yusss!

  10. yey no work tonight or tomorrow night, more time to play video games.

  11. accidentally drank some wine whilst editing a video. this might take a while.

  12. Yeah saw the title of that article earlier today on the 'news' on my phone and didn't bother to read it as I thought it would annoy me too much. I completely agree with you Z.
  13. Hey guys, So I haven't had too many people sign up which is fine because I think we have just enough people to make 1 rocket league team on PC/PS4. Could the following advise if they are still interested and what time zone you be in: Davodee21 bigmoneycgaming Count Elmo Dynamite LP's Anyone else interested in playing/streaming Rocket League on PC/PS4 for a CGN Game Night? We need one more person to fill a Rocket League Team or 6 more if we want to pit one CGN team against another!
  14. Hey guys, As you may be aware, myself and my husband make Youtube Video's about gaming and xbox in particular. In this weeks show we had our first spotlight on a friend who is on youtube and is active in the streaming community, helping streamers including us with backgrounds etc. Anyway the guy is amazeballs and we will be spot lighting other youtubers, streamers, content creators every week during our weekly show. If you are interested in having a clip including in our show, please check out our latest video and see The Heretic Zombie's spotlight clip (https://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FSPLJsib1c) and if you want to be included please get in touch through CGN, we will need you to make a short video (approx 30 sec) about your youtube channel, stream or whatever awesomeness that you do. Cheers, emsiepop
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