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  1. Sorry, everyone. I have been trying to keep up with all of my social media. Hope everyone is doing well. Will catch you in your stream or mine <3 

  2. Hey Guys sorry have not been here for a few days. Been crazy this past week. I am officially a young Grandma. My grandbaby girl named Persephone (per se fa nee) was born yesterday. 7lbs 8 oz 21 in long both mom and daughter are healthy and will be coming home tomorrow. Have a great day everyone. See you  guys later

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  3. new shirt I am selling all collections will go towards buying the baby diapers and baby furniture we still need. Just went to doctor with her. She is having some complications. The baby is not moving as much so they did something for her to go early so baby may come sometime today. Please keep your prayers. My daughter in-law is scared. I am doing everything to keep myself calm as well so i can calm her down. If you do not see a stream tonight its due I am at the hospital with them. https://teespring.com/shop/welcome-to-the-world-6-20-7682?aid=marketplace&tsmac=marketplace&tsmic=search#pid=2&cid=2122&sid=front
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  4. Hi sweetie. Thank you. I try my best to make everyone relax on my streams while i draw. Kind of like therapy ;)


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    1. UnseenProof


      Yea ive noticed lol i really enjoyed your VoD of splinter and shredder <3 Keep up the great work Love!

    2. MamaSea


      Well thank sweetie :). I need to catch one of yours soon


  5. Live doing a Drawing Art giveaway Drawing of Shredder vs Splinter

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  6. Thank you for the follow! Welcome to the Brigade! ??☠

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  7. Hey, thanks for the follow :D

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    1. bydus


      You as well!!! Much Love 

  9. have a great nite. going live in a few

  10. 500 followers on Twitch amazing thank you guys. YOu are all amazing


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  11. Lasts night was amazing thank you for coming by to celebrate with me. 

  12. 500 followers on Twitch amazing thank you guys. YOu are all amazing


  13. 500 followers on Twitch amazing thank you guys. YOu are all amazing


  14. Hello everyone. hope you are having a great nite


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    1. Pysborg


      so far so good!! 

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