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  1. , CGN 104b7b741f7a622867b470413cc7bd7c

    We're Giving away a Copy of Jump Force!!
    Re-share and Reply below to win!!
    Announcing the Winner on Sunday!


    jump force.png

  2. , CGN bc64c684b4ba5bae0a7b24445da8d46b

    Re-share this Post to Win a Copy of Resident Evil 2 Remake!
    We will announce the winner Sunday!

    resident evil 2 remake.jpg

  3. Join Diddy kong, and lanky as we finish off all of Diddy kong's banana collecting in Gloomy Galleon I heard Diddy Kong gets stunned and swolled up by the fish! well, stop reading the description, go watch the video!
  4. Magnus_Tsunami

    What is the first game you ever remember playing?

    I must be old then XD
  5. Magnus_Tsunami

    What is the first game you ever remember playing?

    My first game was Spin Dizzy on the Amstrad CPC
  6. Casual Couch Gaming Donkey Kong 64 Episode 17 Nintendo 64 Join in as we exit Frantic factory, using chunky, and then we explore more bananas in Gloomy Galleon. I heard that King K rules ship makes an appearance? who knows what he's up to? Tune in to find out!
  7. Magnus_Tsunami

    Mario the deadly menace? | Donkey Kong 64 | Casual Couch Gaming

    I’m going to have to go back and get the Rareware coins, I know that they are needed. I wasn’t going to put myself through that torture at that stage
  8. Join Donkey, Diddy, Tiny and Chunky as we finish off Frantic factory I rage quitted playing the arcade machine... and I skipped the beaver bother mini game because it's just too hard! aside from that, we finish frantic factory! Tune in to see how I went!
  9. Join Mags, woofer and friends as we investigate the strange meteorite that has landed in to the town! Who's giygas? what is this doom that we need to be aware of? tune in to find out more!
  10. Magnus_Tsunami

    Looking for Youtuber to Promote!

    Yes please! I would love that!
  11. Join Tiny, lanky and the other Kongs in gloomy galleon as we check out this new level, so as I mention that I skipped finishing Frantic factory, don't worry I promise to go back, and finish off frantic factory.
  12. So join Bam Margera in the College map again, sorry for the repeated missions, however due to failing to save I had lost my progress. Anyway I did much better at the missions this time, so watch as bam smashes out the missions in today's episode.
  13. Collecting the bananas for each Kong's blueprint, plus a few easy bananas for Tiny, she then faces up against the craziest boss aside from King K. Rool himself Watch as Tiny is put to the ultimate test against this mad boss!
  14. Thanks for adding me! Let’s join the couch crew! 😂🤣

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