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  1. It took a bit of effort, but finally updated all my videos here! I need to keep this updated so you can enjoy my stuff!

  2. Casual Couch Gaming - Lets play Donkey Kong 64 - Episode 32 Console: Nintendo 64 Join Donkey Kong and co, as I traverse through crystal caves, while the giant Kosha continues to rain down havoc on the Kongs, will they be able to avoid the continuous assaults, or progress through the stages without hassles? Tune in to find out!
  3. Casual Couch Gaming - Random plays Mario Kart 8 - Part 2 Console: Nintendo Wii U Join Waluigi as he continues through the Grand Prix cups, today he races through the flower cup courses, watch to see how he goes!
  4. Casual Couch Gaming - Season 5 Episode 3 - Puyo Pop fever part 2 Console: Nintendo GameCube Join Amitie as she continues the hunt for her teachers missing wand, as she faces off more opponents, will she be outsmarted? tune in to find out!
  5. Casual Couch Gaming - Season 5 Episode 2: Soul Calibur Legends - pt 2 Console: Nintendo Wii Join Siegfried and ivy as they hunt for more shards for soul edge, and apparently a way to defeat the dragon! Tune in to see what the adventurers get up to!
  6. Casual Couch Gaming - Lets play Donkey Kong 64 - Episode 31 Console: Nintendo 64 A giant Kosha lurks in the highest part of crystal caves, raining stalactites down on the unsuspecting Kongs, will they survive the onslaught? tune in to find out
  7. Casual Couch Gaming - Random plays Dead space Episode 2 Console: PC | Origin Join Issac as he slowly figures out the mysteries that befouled the USG Ishimura, with weird deadly zombie like creatures roaming around, the ship tram being damaged, and everything in chaos, will our protagonist make it out alive? Tune in to find out!
  8. Casual Couch Gaming - Season 5 Episode 1: Mega man X - Part 2 Console: Super Nintendo Mini Mega man tackles the snow stage yet again, will he win and progress through his missions? or will he become frozen and left behind? Tune in to find out!
  9. Casual Couch Gaming - Lets play Donkey Kong 64 - Episode 28 Console - Nintendo 64 So Join Tiny as she verses the snoring spider, as he sends out wave after wave of his underlings to deal with Tiny, will she survive? who knows? Later Chunky meets the Fungi Forest boss, and I hear there's a battle of fisticuffs? well stop reading! go watch!
  10. Casual Couch Gaming - Random Plays Diablo 3 Reaper of souls PC | Blizzard launcher So welcome to an introductory video, where I play D3 and play as my all time favorite class, the witch doctor! this video will be short and sweet, but if you want to see more let me know!
  11. Casual Couch Gaming - Lets play Donkey Kong 64 - Episode 29 Console - Nintendo 64 So Join Chunky and Tiny as they adventure through their parts of fungi forest, I hear that Chunky is subjected to a spooky, and dangerous mine-cart level, then tiny is left to defend herself against a giant spider, well what are you waiting for? stop reading the description, go watch it!
  12. Thanks for the follow dude!

  13. Sorry I've been MIA, but I will update my profile, and update all the videos that haven't been released here! sorry I took a step back from all communities, just to see what would happen, and surprisingly, exactly what I thought would happen, which was nothing! lol

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      I updated my profile the other day looks pretty fresh now! 

  14. I'm looking for someone who is good at music making or remixing? I'm looking for anyone that’s musically inclined and knows how to remix music, or has that talent? I need your skills! Basically I want to revamp my YouTube game music jingle, and was hoping to see if someone would be willing to remix it for me?
  15. Sorry for the spam, however, I had a big list of videos I had forgotten to upload!

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