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  1. Magnus_Tsunami

    Diddy Kong throws a tantrum!

    Join Donkey Kong, and Diddy Kong! Diddy Kong attempts to unlock more golden bananas in Fungi Forest, I heard he has a hard time with a winch, and things being closed during the day? Tune in to find out what!
  2. Magnus_Tsunami

    The anonymous mage & the Esper

    Join Wedge, Vicks, and a mysterious mage, whom they have enslaved for reasons I don't understand, as they adventure towards the unknown Esper... Why do they want this Esper, what is their goal? Tune in to find out!
  3. Magnus_Tsunami

    Looking for a music remixer, or creator

    I'm looking for someone who is good at music making or remixing? I'm looking for anyone that’s musically inclined and knows how to remix music, or has that talent? I need your skills! Basically I want to revamp my YouTube game music jingle, and was hoping to see if someone would be willing to remix it for me?
  4. Sorry for the spam, however, I had a big list of videos I had forgotten to upload!

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  5. Join Donkey Kong as he attempts to unlock more golden bananas in Fungi Forest, I heard he has a hard time with some sharp brambles, bushes, baddies, and much much more, does Donkey Kong survive their onslaught? Tune in to find out!
  6. Magnus_Tsunami

    Boo's Horror Castle, featuring Lakitu!

    Join Waluigi, Daisy, Peach and Koopa in this haunted stage! I heard that boo is hot on their tails, and won't let the bunch of party goers ruin his castle! Why would you hold a party at a haunted castle anyway? who knows! Tune in to find out!
  7. Join Donkey Kong, and co, as we explore Fungi Forest! Gorgeous scenery, insane zingers, and the ability to swap between day and night! Tune in to see what the kongs get up to in todays episode!
  8. Magnus_Tsunami

    Bomberman and the blue dragon!

    It's been a whole year since we last adventured with bomber-man, but part two is epic! we get to learn how to remotely control bombs and much more in this episode! Tune in to find out what happens!
  9. Magnus_Tsunami

    Sonic goes snowboarding!

    Join Sonic as he discovers the snow level, and I heard that he lost a lot of rings gambling, and lost a chaos emerald to Dr.Eggman, but he won't let that stop him!
  10. Magnus_Tsunami

    Puff, Puff, Pass!

    Casual Couch Gaming Donkey Kong 64 Episode 22 Nintendo 64 Join lanky and the rest of the Kongs as we collect the rest of the bananas and blueprints, also I hear that we finally finish Gloomy Galleon? but before we finish it, we need to verse the boss? No spoilers as to who that is!

  11. , CuzinT 8efd5e5e8e114daae47f304fd93152f5

    https://mixer.com/CuzinT Come Get Your BlackOut Fix! Birth Is Upon Us!

  12. Magnus_Tsunami

    Mario has a fear of drowning!

    Casual Couch Gaming Season 4 Episode 13: Super Mario 64 Part 3 Nintendo 64 So Join Mario heads into Jolly roger bay, but I heard mario faces off with a sleeping eel! will Mario find what he's looking for? or will mario fail and drown? tune in to find out!

  13. , CuzinT 160d79b92fac56cc3bfc303dafd52e07

    @StachedMtr , @RNGesusBK Appreciate The Follow! Thank You!

  14. Magnus_Tsunami

    The seasick, sea shanty!

    Casual Couch Gaming Donkey Kong 64 Episode 21 Nintendo 64 Join lanky and chunk as we collect their final bananas in gloomy galleon please be aware of those whom may suffer motion sickness, as some of this footage may make you ill! anyway enjoy!

  15. , CGN 54b2c0b50370e86fd3de0a80eecdbe20

    Who Wants a FREE Game?
    Giving one away in the Next Hour!
    Just Re-share and Reply below to win!!

    free game.png