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  1. Stream on! Hearts been eaten by a dragon!!! Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen My Twitch 


  2. Sorry no stream today BUT, after today my schedule will be back to normal (thank god).

  3. Stream on! Where my dragons at??? Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen My Twitch 


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Good stream buddy! 

      keep up the nice work! 

  4. ‪Was going to stream today but windows update said no. So, I will be back tomorrow.‬

  5. Stream on! You get a zombie and you get a zombie!!! Everyone gets a zombie!!! Dying Light  My Twitch 


  6. Thanks for the follow!!! 😎

  7. I forgot to post about my schedule this week. No Thursday (today) stream but starting tomorrow should go back to some what normal stream schedule finally!!!

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      its all good pal! Thank you! 

  8. So, I was planning on streaming today but.... as usual something has happened that isn't allowing me to stream ATM. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon so I can stream.

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      You gotta do what you gotta do bud! 

  9. Stream on! Zombies everywhere!!! Dying Light  My Twitch 


  10. Thanks for the follow!! 😎

    1. NEOmerta


      right back at ya. 

  11. No stream today. Another very busy day. Will be streaming tomorrow.

  12. Stream on! A Dragon killing zombies!!! Dying Light  My Twitch 


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Such a good game! I don't think I ever finished it 

  13. Stream on! Who's ready to kill some zombies??? Dying Light  My Twitch 


  14. No stream today. Super busy. Will be back for tomorrow.

  15. Stream on!Short stream today. Rocket League My Twitch 


    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      I hope twitch has has been treating you well!! 

    2. madzell


      It has 😎

    3. Legit_Dinosaur
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