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  1. GOING LIVE on @WatchMixer with some #PUBG action!! Im sure it'll be a shit show. Lol. Come in and watch me #fail something serious. Or don't and miss a something fun!! GET IN HERE!!! 


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  2. I'm LIVE!!! Playing some PUBG, maybe some H1Z1 Auto Royale. If its installed. Should have planned this better........shit. Lol. Anyways, come hang out if you're twitch dancin!! http://www.twitch.tv/iii_enraged_iii

    Live Now.png

    1. lllEnRaGEDlll


      Ok, Now I'm Live. Lol. Streaming on the wrong Stream Key will get you nowhere. Lol. 

  3. Thanks for the follow my friend! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Going live now on ReStream Check me out on Twitch, Beam, or YouTube!! Failing hard at some BF1 and going to epically fail at NEWB levels on PUB later. Check it out. Should be fun!!

  5. Ok, so my last post was a bust due to some PC mishaps. I have since, changed my direction and am currently 70% of the way through my new Ryzen build. The goal is to be up and streaming this evening. Stay tuned!!. Ill keep ya updated!!

  6. It has been too long since I signed in. A lot has changed since then. I will be streaming some Ghost Recon Wildlands tonight!! Make sure to stop by. 6pm EST. If you're not there, you're just not cool. Or maybe I'm not cool. I'm not really hoping for the latter. Lol. 

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  7. Running some BF1 today. Trying to get the Hellreigel in the Assault class. Anyone wanna play??

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  8. For anyone that might have tried to access my twitch, it's working now. I don't know what happened previously, but it's working now. Thankfully. 

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    1. zheck


      Glad you got it fixed :) 

  9. Thanks for the follow!! 

  10. Thanks for the follow!! Appreciate it!!

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  11. Congrats on GOTW and thanks for the follow bud!! Keep it up!!

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  12. lllEnRaGEDlll

    Finally hitting that first 100!

    Congrats!! Hope you hit that 150!!
  13. Cheers on the follow mate

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    1. lllEnRaGEDlll


      No problem. Thanks for the follow as well!

  14. Rocking some BF1. Multiple modes. Just bored and shooting people in the face. (Or trying. Lol) Come hang out!!

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  15. I stream anything Im playing at the time. I usually play a lot of FPS, but I move around to other genres quite often. I like meeting people and playing games with those that love them the same as me. Look forward to seeing you in the stream.