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About me


Needed to edit a little things here 17th February 2020


Hey! my name is Tom, but online I go by LegitD

I go by many names such as Legit, Legit Dinosaur, Legit D, Legit Dinosaw, Legit_Dinosaur, FullTime Streamer and co-founder of the #TeamLegitD Discord Serve.  I never really though "hey lets be a streamer, a friend at the time liked hanging out and watching me play games as I was "so dump" and it made it funny so I streamed for them to watch and it grew from there. I started my YouTube channel first to learn how to video edit but sad so say don't have the same drive for it when the whole Online Entertainer kicked off for me the 3 months on twitch felt more archived then the 3 years on YouTube, BUT THAT IS JUST ME

Became a CGN Partner a few days after joining and fell inloved with the site, I am a master of the arts of social meida, I know how to play the system to reach others and give out all the support I can give many people have asked me 
"Is CGN worth it?" like any platfrom if you work at it and try hard, it will come back around and help you out, with this site I got Twitch Affiliate, free games and connections with game developers, if you don't feel that is not worth it then maybe this site is not for you.


Im kinda a nerd, if anyone has seen my posts on here or Twitter I like to add anime gifs, I do watch a lost when I can as shown on my anime list account. I'm a guy with big dreams that acts confident and goofy to hide show shy and scared of the world I am but I kinda like that about myself. I push myself as I know its good for me and so far its always worked out well. if you want to get to know me just drop me a message here or on my discord, I don't bite unless you ask! 


tenor (25).gif


The one thing I love most about CGN is the community, I try mt best every day to give a little support to anyone and everyone that posts here on CGN, part from them bots trying to sell pills them guys suck! but everyone else is awesome, its not much support I can give but I do try my best to make everyone happy, one of the happiest memories in my life came from CGN I was commenting a lot trying to get to know people and had some free time and saw someone post they where live so I want to go chat, I just said "hello from CGN" and the whole Team blew up! "OMG IS THAT YOU LEGIT", "WAIT THE REAL LEGIT OF CGN","CGN LEGIT OMG YOU LEGEND", my little posts and support when I can made them remember me and it happens all the time and it makes me happy knowing I make a difference  


Unsure what is left to say! so I'll add this here! if you wanna check out my stuff, here you can - 
TwitchTv - https://www.twitch.tv/legit_dinosaur

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLkrfiVlXEYczneXYHSKwgw

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Legit_Dinosaur

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/legit_dinosaur

DeviantArt - https://www.deviantart.com/legit-dinosaur

Discord - https://discord.gg/b8X8WZb
My Anime List - https://myanimelist.net/profile/Legit_Dinosaur
I know my writing is not the best, but I'm not changing it to read write as I feel it adds character and I'm lazy.





Want to see why my twitch streams are about? here is some clips bellow on what I get up to on Twitch! I promise you its not always Dead By Daylight but I do play it a lot!



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