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  1. CGN_ICon.gif.a45313cd2d358e0d3a63aac79145c7a3.gifscp.thumb.png.3a6cc9b05b38e8deb6236a2c3e31a32b.png


    #LIVE in 15 mintues!!

    Wanna hang out while I play games?

    a cheeky lurk and a host goes a long way


    TWITCH LINK --> https://www.twitch.tv/legit_dinosaur


    been super busy today on my feet 6 hours for work! and gotta be there for 8am tomorrow! figured I would play more of SCP 087 Recontainmnet the demo by some awesome SCP devs! I truly loved playing it yesterday and with the request I will be running in this spook game! feeling it tonight! be there if you are brave enough


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  2. , madzell 1e6d606d52551c6d887b9a1739036949

    Stream on! Dragon Hunting!!! Continuing nightmare!! Dragon Age: Inquisition My Twitch

  3. , CaptainRoy 6baa52e41d1d04919366a069d1336f50

    Something brand new with my first ever play of
    'Chrono Trigger'
    New adventures blasting back into the past #chronotrigger
    #cgn @EpilogueGames

  4. , ObscureJackal 1addba735f48bd759e31fdfe8de82aba

    20 minutes to go time!https://www.twitch.tv/obscurejackal

  5. , SilasTV 622ab98a581d8a2a8f4a0c9e8f4f6dfb

    Let's do a bit of vibing in minecraft http://silastv.live/trovo

  6. , Jessie1400 424d11367a62cc31120695299dd9201d


  7. , Big_Kahuna0275 120c197543a2e262334be03e6d5459bb

    #Ohana20 Kahuna after Dark live in 20 twitch.tv/big_kahuna0275 @cgnstreams @SupStreamers @TwitchReTweets !sfx !sfx2


    The Ohana store is now open CHECK THE MERCH: designbyhumans.com/shop/BigKahuna0275


  8. , Hykiri 7f9ba0b8a232bbbdefaee19ea1de2c7a

    #Hykirians today we're going to do some Art then get back to the Smite grind. 92 diamonds! Come join us?


  9. , DeathLock666 6861086f0419fd245fe14e3782cb676d

    Now #Live Streaming Nioh on #Twitch

  10. , Thefivemagics c523997bebcf035e9498dfffbc8cbbd4

    Spike plays more Ni No Kuni https://www.twitch.tv/stuffietv

  11. , Oldish22 6b38445f398774e11fbb998f43292474

    Lets get to the grind of #pathofexile
    Going to be playing all night. Working on maps and delve

  12. , ThoseColes 00d789d031516d912276b52401911f58

    [LIVE]<Time Enough> But life without meaning is the torture Of restlessness and vague desire. Reading Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters at https://www.twitch.tv/thosecoles

  13. , DraxTV 7216d9c70136c71d5025e835a4199403

    LIVE now out on #Twitch
    It's time for another edition of DraxNations Saturday Night Shenanigans!
    Starting off with some #MarblesOnStream before switching to something else interactive later & as always lots of #Tequila shall be consumed🍹

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