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  1. GOOD MORNING WONDERFUL HUMANS OF CGN, not them pill bots... who needs pills eweeie

    new twitch dash looks awesome!! was messing with it yesterday with @DeathLock666and I think its gonna do some  good! might need to get that stream deck to use it better or something?
    here is a clip I made last night with A-PURPAL-COW! playing some HALO MCC REACH STYLE! having a lot of fun on there, I do hope they put crossplay out soon to play with my old squad! got so many people who want to play but all on the other device!! also thinking of getting smash soon for the switch!



  2. Playing more HALO MCC might swap to sims later!

    L  I  V  E

    feeling mega tired yet again, must be the season or something will figure out whats what another day for now imma play games coz why not! I hope Xbox and PC can play together soon on MCC



  3. Thanks for the videos! 

  4. Thanks for the videos bud! 

  5. Keep up the rocking work!! 

  6. Love your icon yoo!! 

  7. Love your icon yo!! 

  8. Thanks for the more videos!! 

  9.  #CGN #TeamLegitD 

  10. Current Game I'm Playing: HALO MCC

    L  I  V  E

    so glad i got this game and can't wait to play them all 100 times over again, going balls to the walls in the difficulty and skills, Got alot of tweaks I need to make but it should be a good time, unsure what I'll do might just keep playing and hope I don't burn out or mix ti with other games to try? maybe even get a 4 man squad together to play who knwos



    1. Knucklemoose


      Go show the Covenant whose the boss!!

    2. Legit_Dinosaur


      Damn right! 
      Just found out I can do xbox cross play too! so hopefully get a 4 man squad going! 

  11. WAITED SO LONG AND ITS FINALLY HERE! HALO ON PC! everyone else already started BUT NOW ITS MY TIME!

    L  I  V  E

    Halo was so my game back in the day and I have waited and been hyped to hear it come to pc! i'm ready and willing! might just sit in the menu for hours listening to the themes


  12. THAT GUYY! 

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