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  1. Going #Live now peeps! hope to get some sweet feature from this site! if not its cool! not doing much but chillin on some Tower Unite with chill tunes and good vibes! any night owls out there wanna chat??!?! 


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  2. GOING LIVE!!!!! 

    Playing some more of the Tower Unite! been giving it away on my discord as iv been posting about it!!! 
    Now gonna play it all day today! GET HYPE! 

    if you have the game and come find me lets hang!! 


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    1. WreckitGamingAU


      Have a good stream buddy 🙂

    2. Legit_Dinosaur


      I sure did!! this game is always a Riot!! was playing with 12 people!! 

  3. been on this site for a while now and don't really see many people talking or sharing who they are just a stream link post and thats it! so I am making this post so I can get to know a few of you that use this site daily! Follow the list below in a reply to the post and give it a <span style=💖"> and share it so others can answer to


    Real Name/ Online Persona: 
    What you do: 
    Why you do it: 
    Why you are here:
    Where you see yourself in 5 years: 
    Link to Stream/Website: 

      I look forward to see if anyone will reply to this! if so Might follow a few new faces!  always up for a game!

    tenor (1).gif

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    1. SNES_Is_Life



      Social Worker

      Wasn't a goal to be in social work, just kind of ended up there

      My son wanted to do a YouTube channel, so here we are

      Probably not in much of a different position, we're not making the stream with hopes of money or internet fame, just an excuse to spend time with my kid




    Tower unite! liked G-mod Tower, been playing the game all week and love it! I wanted to help the devs out by getting more players! 
    since  I am now in a position with my job, here, and Twitch to do so figured why not! hope to do more things like this in the future, this is just the first key of many! I hope you like it and thanks for the support! 

    Any tips or things i could do better let me know! 
    my discord link is - https://discord.gg/b8X8WZb



  5. [h3] Looking 4 Gamers to Game with [/h3]
    Doing a giveaway on my discord for the awesome game Tower Unite! iv been playing the game over on my stream for a while and want to share the game time with ya'll! on top of that! also looking for fellow streamers to team up with and play a few games! if you stream and fancy getting down in a game with me also join my discord! lets chat about it! 

    Discord: https://discord.gg/b8X8WZb

    Check out my Twitch page to see what kind of streams I do! 

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  6. Super tired to having a little chill streaming doing some Condo Renovations in #TowerUnite! gotta say been at it for a while now and feel it looks amazing!! come help me make hard choices! 


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  7. never too sure what to post in here, I had the dentist today! pretty cool! just uploaded a GIF profile image so it looks fancy! its a real shame I never went to college to study online social media marketing, 50+ subs on YouTube today, 12+ Twitch Followers, 3+ discord members..... gotta be doing something right! 


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    had such an awesome time playing it the other day! hope its even more awesome today! if anyone has the game and would like to hang and chat please join! hoping to collab and connect with other streamers! 


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  9.  so I found out how to add colour to my comments today and gotta say feel it really jazzes it all up! 
    been on this site for a while and met some awesome streamers! if anyone wants a game some time or collab stream style 
    Hook me up on here or on my discord! Just a message away! who knows could bring fame

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  10. Going #Live on #Twitch to play some #Terraria on PC! if anyone has the game and wants to join in the fun come say hi on stream! hope to make a good few hours of it! so come join the fun! 


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  11. Trying to do more when connecting my stream to @CGN people are so nice here! gonna be playing some Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance  but got bigger and better things on tonight! 


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    TWITCH LINK - Playing an old classic of mine that I love! come say hi! I don't bite unless you ask! 


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  13. I know this site is mainly for Twitch but I have this website i use for sharing my YouTube Videos that also share my Twitch good little system:
    you have to post 3 comments in order to upload 1 video and so on, you can buy perks but yea.

    Double good thing about this site for anyone that does Twitch you know having your channel hosted is the best way for you to get views 
    This website shall allow you to host your twitch page too! More hosts means more places people are directed to your streams and bing bang boom! 

    here is the link to the website: http://sharree.com/member.php?action=register&amp;referrer=32144

  14. Got an Auto-Host reward feature on my stream! don't have many people currently on my list but hopefully as I stream more and connect with more streamers the list shall grow! 
    wanna do my part to help fellow streamers out! 

    My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/legit_dinosaur

    any idea's how I could help YOU out? let me know! 


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  15. Figured id share a little of my own stuff today! 
    as most know! Twitch streamer here BUTTTT! Im a huge anime fan! and doing Visual Novel readings is my fave past time! 
    recently had an awesome friend from the Official #TeamLegitD Discord join me on stream to play a little game called "Your Dry Delight" 
    Super fun and its free so worth a watch/play!   let me know what ya think! I hope to do more of this! 

    Your Dry Delight - Part 1

    Your Dry Delight - Part 2


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