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  1. Thank you to those that came and hung out tonight I really appreciate it and for the new follows I couldn't be more grateful! I'll be back on thursday for some ranked Apex Legends with the one and only @drklapn  and I'm planning an AMA style stream in the near future! Be easy and good night!

  2. We rolling out some Apex Legends one a beautiful casual Tuesday! Come kick it with me and @drklapn as we engage in some tom foolery! Https:// #CGN #fadefam #SmallStreamersConnect

  3. Little long, but a hard fought win in platinum ques.
  4. Another solid stream in the books!  Got a dub in platinum and several top 3-5s thank you to everyone that took the time to drop me a view it is greatly appreciated on my path to twitch affiliate! I'll see you Tuesday! #CGN #TWITCH #fadefam #SmallStreamersConnect 

  5. Going live with another ranked Apex Legends Subday (platinum) with @drklapn! Pushing through the ranks and working towards twitch affiliate, come kick it! Https:// #CGN #fadefam #smallstreamersconnect

  6. Another solid sream! Gained some rp on the grind trough platinum! Congratulations to @DrKlapn for winning the 25$ ms point code. I'll be back at it on Sunday grinding my wat to twitch affiliate! #cgn #fadefam #SmallStreamersConnect

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Looks like things are going well buddy! PROUD OF YOOU! 

    2. LavaColonix


      Thanks man! Yeah the stream is growing and the support has been outstanding!

    3. Legit_Dinosaur


      That is super my friend! keep it up! 

  7. Rollout out thursday with some Apex Legends ranked lobbies (platinum baby!) and a little giveaway for hitting 50 followers the other day! Come kick it #cgn #fadefam

  8. Solid night yet again! Shout out to the new follower coveringhalo331 for the follow and thank you everyone for thd views! You are pushing me through on my path to twitch affiliate! I'll be back on thursday for some solos or more ranked grinding through platinum! Be easy! #CGN #FadeFam

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      im glad ya doing well buddy ❤️ 

  9. Keeping it going with a back to back 3peat of Apex legends! Come hick it! Https:// @CGN #fadegrips #cgn

  10. Shout out to those who stopped by tonight for my popup @playapex stream and showed some love! Yall are helping me make my way to twitch affiliate! @drklapn I hit platinum, come at me bruh! See yall tomorrow as we grind for twitch affiliate! #cgn #fadegrips

    1. Legit_Dinosaur



  11. Kicking thecweek off with an unscheduled popup stream, casual, ranked? Who knows! Let's go! Https:// #cgn #fadegrips

  12. Thanks for clipping my shame @Plumpfoot @plumpfootgaming
  13. Solid night! Hit gold 1 so I'm on my way to those tasty platinum lobbies! I've got some updating. To do with my stream including a new mascot from @Legit_Dinosaur! @DrKlapnyou need to teach me in the way of the elgato stream deck!  See y'all Sunday for more ranked!

    1. Legit_Dinosaur


      Not a problem at all pal! Glad I could be of service 

  14. Going back on the grind with some ranked Apex Legends w/ @drklapn #cgn 

  15. ready to klap some cheeks tonight my dude!

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