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  1. Going live with a Wind Waker Randomizer (Hi CGN, btw. Been a while since I posted here) 


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  2. A chill guy who plays Pokemon and Zelda (mainly randomizers). Hope to grow and learn new things!

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  4. Anyone know how remove a stream? Trying to remove it since it's under my previous username, and that obviously no longer exists.


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  7. A reminder to be sure to follow me on twitter for updates on when I stream, juuuust in case I forget to post here about it. https://twitter.com/Kyologist

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  8. Hello hello, CGN people. I think I'd like to make an attempt to use this site again, since I'm starting to stream a little more frequently recently after going through a lot the last few months.

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    1. zheck


      Welcome back :)


    2. Kyologist


      Thank you :D

  9. Hey peeps. I made a strawpoll so people can vote on what times would be best for them to watch me stream. Check it out if you'd like. http://www.strawpoll.me/15056215

  10. Been in a slump, but had a small Mario Odyssey stream to get back into things. It's pretty fun. Thing I'll be playing that along with a few other things in the upcoming weeks.

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  11. Live with more of the Crystal Randomized Nuzlocke for a bit. https://www.twitch.tv/kyologee

  12. Oh wow, I'm nominated for Gamer of the Week once again. That's pretty awesome, thank you CGN!

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  13. Officially a Twitch Affiliate. This is only the beginning. Going into 2018 I'm going all out with streams. 


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    1. dillpickles


      congrats my dude! and thanks for the follow! check me out at www.twitch.tv/manynuggets345! im tryna become an affiliate also haha

    2. Kyologist


      Thank you! And no problem. I gave you a follow on twitch, I'll try to stop by sometime!

    3. dillpickles


      thanks so much man! really excited to connect

  14. Looks like I'm going to be paying attention to my email the next few weeks.