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  1. Hey my cgn bros and sis! Thanks for getting me to 500 and just for that I'm having a $50 giftcard giveaway everyone get on it if you like Sent from my iPhone using Collection Gaming Network
  2. Steam/ps4/xbx1 giftcard come on in and support my journey thanks to the amazing people at cgn! Sent from my iPhone using Collection Gaming Network
  3. That 400 follower hype! :)

    1. ElMonkey


      congrats on the 400 followers

  4. Z! Your amazing!

    1. zheck


      Well thank you :p

  5. Yeah I agree it's hard when your first starting out but once you got a couple of really dedicated and awesome viewers you'll start not to care about followers but the viewers you connect with every day Cgn love!
  6. Hey guys just finished my Easter giveaway. And it was a good turn out that I'm not far from another one! All my cgn Bros and sis rise up and don't miss your chance love you all !!
  7. Easter duty black op3 come join and be sure to vote on Twitter for the giveaway :) twitch.tv/kylev2331

  8. PICK YOUR OWN PLATFORM DARK SOULS 3 giveaway !!! Twitch.tv/kylev2331
  9. Let's get a little streaming started. Just gotta figure out what to play :) lol

  10. Gunna be kicking it old school with a little gears of war. Don't forget to follow on twitch. Soon close to first giveaway :) twitch.tv/kylev2331 #cgn

  11. Division!!!! Twitch.tv/kylev2331

  12. Around 11:30 est I'm gunna do a little zombies, waiting for the division to finish downloading then streaming that all day yo! Check it out... Twitch.tv/kylev2331

  13. Hey whats up! I just checked out your channel! Saw you play Black Ops III! I play too except on the PS4! Cant wait to see your mad skills to work!

    1. Kylev2331


      Yo thanks ghost appreciate it man! :)

    2. GhostBomber44X


      No problem! I know I'm hella late on replies but I didn't know how to read my notifications on this thing til now lol

  14. Yo come watch play some zombies with a friend! Twitch.tv/kylev2331

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